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Muhammad Ali is dead at the age of 74

We just learned that the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali is dead. Ali died yesterday, Friday June 3, 2016, at a Phoenix-area hospital. He was admitted there several days ago and was being treated for respiratory complications. He was 74.

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Wyclef Jean to Put Haiti in the Spotlight at Floyd-Berto Fight

Haitian boxer Andre Berto is set to fight Floyd Mayweather, who during his boxing career, has never lost a fight. Berto has lost one fight out of 30; and six fights prior to the present have been three for six. Mayweather selected Berto for his last title fight instead of contenders like Amir Khan, Keith Thurman, and Shawn Porter. Berto currently holds the World boxing Association's welterweight title.

What would lead Mayweather to pick the weakest fighter for his retirement fight? It would seem he wants to go out on top, retaining his perfect no-loss record. Is he retiring because he fears he is on the verge of losing his boxing edge? Is age also a consideration? What's certain is Mayweather's $200 million CBS / Showtime contract is ending.

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Floyd Mayweather against Haitian-American Andre Berto

Andre Berto Ready to Hammer Floyd Mayweather in Championship Bout

Floyd Mayweather, who has maintained a perfect record of 48 fights won with zero losses, wants to duplicate the record of former heavyweight boxer icon, Rocky Marciano, who had a 49-0 record. He plans to box Haitian-American, Andre Berto, whose record of 30-3, is a respectable showing for a still young fighter. Berto's tally of 23 knockouts is just 3 behind Mayweather's 26. If he kills Mayweather in the ring, it will bring the total to 24, closing in on Mayweather. Mayweather reigns as the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council champ.

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Pascal asking for Re-Match with Kovalev

Haitian-Canadian Jean Pascal lost the light heavyweight title to Sergey Kovalev in an eighth round technical knockout. Pascal, an ex-world champion, was knocked down for the first time since he began his boxing career.

The knock-down happened in round three. Pascal managed to recover and landed some killer punches in rounds four and five. For the next three rounds Pascal lost ground to Kovalev, who relentlessly went after Pascal. By round eight Kovalev, still in control, managed to get Pascal on the ropes and later delivered two right punches to his head. Pascal went down and the referee declared it a technical knockout. Kovalev won 68 - 64.

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Bermane Stiverne, First Haitian World Heavyweight Champoin of the World

Haitian-American Bermane Stiverne, who became the first world heavyweight champion from his homeland, is defending his title won last May against opponent Deontay Wilder. The bout will be televised live from Las Vegas January 17th.

Stiverne migrated with his family as a young child to Miami in 1988 and then to Quebec. It was in Quebec he began training as an amateur boxer, eventually turning pro. In order to advance his boxing career he decided to relocate to Las Vegas in 2004.

Stiverne, in capturing the heavyweight crown, went up against the treacherous Chris Arreola, and TKO'd him in the sixth round. With a record of 24-1, 21 KOs, Stiverne will be facing Wilders undefeated record of 32-0, 32 KOs.

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Haitian-Canadian Jean Pascal won at the end of the 12th round

Haitian-born professional boxer for Canada, Jean-Thenistor Pascal, walked away from the biggest fight billed between two Canadian boxers as the clear winner. His opponent, 33-year-old Lucian Bute conceded to the victory and stated that Pascal had simply been, "...the better fighter."

Having slightly similar histories, the two being imports to Canada with Bute Romanian-born, both ascended to the top of their shared sport without having to face-off. The match between the former IBF super-middleweight champion, Bute, and the former light heavyweight champion, Pascal was therefore, highly anticipated, with Pascal himself describing it as seven years' worth of anticipation.

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World Heavyweight Champ, Adonis Stevenson, Haiti's Pride and Joy

The latest national source of pride for Haiti is its native son, Adonis Stevenson, who has become the World Champion Boxer in the heavyweight division for the third time. He won over Chad Dawson with a KO in just over a minute, 78 seconds to be exact. His first two heavyweight titles were fought against opponents, Travis Cloud and Tony Bellew.

Stevenson began life in Port-au-Prince in 1977, immigrating to Canada with his family at five. They settled in Quebec, where Stevenson began his boxing career. He has racked up an impressive record of 22 wins out of 23 fights, 19 of which were KOs.

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Adonis Stevenson next boxing match in Haiti in 2014

The Haitian-born Canadian heavyweight boxer Adonis Stevenson is interested in fighting in Haiti in 2014. During a successful visit on his native land, the World boxing champion hinted that he would be in favor of something lake this.

This idea came up during his meeting on December 13, 2013 at the National palace in Haiti with president Michel Martelly. As the president suggested the possibility for Adonis Stevenson to have one of his fights in Haiti. "We can certainly organize something together" replied his manager. As the president imagines, this can help create more interest about boxing within the general public.

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Haitian-Canadian Adonis Stevenson stopped Tavoris Cloud

It was long and it was bloody, but, for Adonis Stevenson, the new big storm on the boxing front, defeat was not an option in his fight against his once undefeated contender, Tavoris Cloud.

Months ago, both talented men matched up fairly equally, with zero defeats under Cloud's belt and many consecutive victories racked up by Stevenson. Plus, they both had enough youth, vim and vigor to make the boxing world their oyster.

And then they faced each other. 31 year old Cloud, a former world champion hailing from America, took on Adonis 'Superman' Stevenson, who, in his last bid to defend his world title, had knocked out his then opponent, Chad Dawson, also from the States, in just over a minute. Cloud, however, with his impressive record and years of experience, didn't prove such an easy fight.

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Haitian born heavyweight boxer Bermane Stiverne suing Don King

The name Don King is almost synonymous with the sport of boxing, but one of the prolific trainer's pupils, Bermane Stiverne, has filed suit against the manager on the claim that King forced him to sign a contract with his Don King Productions, an act which breached the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.

The boxer, Bermane Stiverne, who was born in Haiti, states that on the 26th of April, 2011, he met with the defendants, including Don King, his production company, King's stepson, Carl King, an associate of King's, Dana Jamison and Elite Sports and Entertainment Management, to sign a fight agreement with a King Productions fighter, Ray Austin.

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