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Born is 1979, in Haiti, artist Belo is a very loyal man to his mother country and he brings out his traits through songs. Through his art of writing songs, Belo has worn himself a number of awards. Through his inspirational resonance of Jazz, Worldbeat, Rock, Reggae and Afro- Haitian traditional rhythms known as Ragganga, Belo's music has been accredited globally. He has done other albums, explicitly: "LakouTrankil" (Soley Sounds -2005) and "Reference" (NatiProd -2008). Both songs are in his Haitian language.


The earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 did not kill his morale for singing. It destroyed his home and he had to relocate to France with the help of cultures France. The 2010 earthquake actually inspired him musically as brought out in one of his recent songs. Being a musician with diverse talent Belo has been able to represent Haiti in the rest of the world. The belief that surviving hardship makes us more resilient is what inspired "Haiti Debout."

After the earthquake Belo did an album called HAITI DEBOUT which he has performed in Germany, Rome, Romania, France, and the U.S. In the album "Ayitilevé" ("Haiti Stand up!") he passes on a message of hope and solidarity. He is an ambassador of the cause of disabled people S.E.P.H, ambassador of Haitian culture, patron of the association "Hope for Haiti", contributor to UNICEF Haiti and Volunteers for Development of Haiti (VDH) and Spoke person for the Haitian Red Cross.

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