Harmonik of Nickenson Prud'homme Biography

Many may not know it but this a band of successful musicians who originate from Haiti. Under the leadership of Nickenson Prud'homme, the Haitian Kompa band [[haitimega.com Dance-Harmonik performing for Candidate Michel Martelly on March 2, 2011 at Gwen Margolis


They're Kompa musicians. Members of the group range between 22 and 33 years of age.

They performed "Hallelujah" for their audition. They all currently live in Miami, Florida, but are originally from Haiti. They advanced past the first round. We hope they take the title and bring Haiti in the limelight and prove Haiti has talent. Harmonik is a great band. The lead singer used to be in K-Dans (Haitian band). Nickenson Prud'homme is a big producer too who helps them in their videos. He's produced a bunch of Zouk and Konpa hits.

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