Camp-Perrin A Beautiful Destination To Visit In Haiti

Camp-Perrin, a municipality in the Les Cayes Arrondissement is located in Haiti's Sud Department. Around 40,650 people inhabit the place. It lies at 163 kms west of Port-au-Prince.


How Camp-Perrin Got Created

Three Perin brothers who were Frenchmen arrived here during the 18th century. They wanted to study the possibilities of growing coffee and cotton. They also wanted to explore the use of indigo and the dye of Campeche wood in Haiti. The city was thus created in 18th century.

Up the hill they built a camp, and Haut-Camp and Bas-Camp the two district towns came into existence. Perrin is subdivided into three counties namely, the second section - Champlois, the first section - Levy-Mersan and the third section - Tibi-Davezac.

Notable Residents And Natives Of Camp Perrin:

Ogline Pierre - a Deputy Congress Woman
Indry Vital - Mayor
Venel Remarais - a CEO of Le Recul Hotel-Restaurant and Radio Platinum, an anchor of Vision 200 and journalist
Guillaume Remixon - famous Linguist in Port Au Prince
Eric Thomas - Project Manager of Haitian Music band and CEO of Freres Thomas night club
Roosvelt Edma - CEO of Le Palmier Night Club - Bar Restaurant
Max Alain Louis - Electrical Engineer - CEO of Radio-Tele La Brise,
Jude Perrin - Former Judiciary Department's Central Police Director

Sightseeing In Camp-Perrin
Sightseeing opportunities in Camp Perrin include the Saut Mathurine waterfall, lush green vegetation, exotic birds, beautiful flowers, plants and ruins near Mercen. Summer homes for the wealthy and seminary homes can be seen here. Les Cayes Airport is the nearest airport to Camp Perin and is located at a distance of 9.7 km. Sugarcane, cacao, vegetables, Cayenne pepper, bananas, tobacco and coffee are the local products traded in Camp Perrin.

Camp Perrin has 5 stations de radio transmitting in the FM Band and TELE LA BRISE. People living in Camp Perrin can hear many of the radio stations including Radio Ginen, Radio Macaya, Radio Lumière and Radio Nami Inter. In Camp Perrin, even TMS and TNH have a partial coverage.

Situated in Camp-Perrin, you will find the Recul Hotel owned by Valery Numa who came from Camp-Perrin, a journalist of Radio Vision 2000. Recul Hotel is equipped with large conference, seminaries, shows, meetings and reception rooms.

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