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Fritz Jean takes his case to the public, at "L'Invite du Jour" with Valery Numa

After multiple discussions, dealings and sharing of various positions of his ministerial cabinet with members of the legislative branch, Prime Minister nominee Fritz Jean wants to take his message directly to the public. On Friday, March 4, 2016, he will be the guest of Valery Numa at "L'Invite du Jour" at 8:00 to present his case to the public.

I am hoping that Fritz Jean can be honest and straight forward

Haitian Kreyol:

Fritz Jean ap pote problem li by piblik la, nan "L'Envite du jour" ak Valery Numa

Apre anpil diskisyon, tranzaksyon ak pataje divès kalite pozisyon nan kabinè ministeryèl l 'ak manm nan branch lejislatif la, Premye Minis kandida Fritz Jean vle pran mesaj li dirèkteman pote ba piblik la. Nan Vandredi, 4 mas, 2016, li pral envite nan show Valery Numa nan "L'Envite du jour" a 8:00pou li prezante ka l ' by piblik la.

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Stanley Lucas on salary for propaganda work for Martelly Government

Stanlay lucas has been all over the media during the past five years defending the government of Michel Martelly against multiple attacks. Many at one point considered him as a true friend and believer of the accomplishments of the Martelly government. However, based on information just released, Stanley Lucas was just doing a job which is ongoing propaganda for the government of Michel Martelly.

According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Stanley receives a check of $5000 US on a regular basis just to do propaganda for the government. Initially the checks were being issued by the Haitian embassy in Washington D.C. However when Paul Altidor became the Haitian Ambassador in Washington, he had an issue with the arrangement. According to Valery Numa, Ambassador Altidor did not want to pay a salary to someone who did not work at the embassy. As solution was found where Stanley Lucas would continue to receive his salary but it will be issued instead by the Haitian embassy in New York.

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Delmas Viaduct costing over 10 million more then estimated for

Most projects with a cost overrun usually do not go over 10 to 20 percent of the original cost. However this is not the case for the Delmas Viaduct that was inaugurated in August, 2015. According to the candidate for President, Jude Celestin who actually came up with this plan to build the Viaduct, the entire project was estimated at 6 million US dollars.

The actual cost of this project funded by PetroCaribe is 16.5 million US dollars. It was built by the Dominican construction company Estrella. This is close to three times more to original amount it was estimated for.

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Information on PetroCaribe projects to be made public by Valery Numa

Breaking news - Popular radio host of Radio Vision 2000, Valery Numa, just announced that he will make public tomorrow all information about the various projects currently being funded by Petrocaribe. According to the radio host, he will give a list of all the projects estimated to be over 200 from 2008 to 2015. In addition, he promised to release the cost for each project, how much money has been released for each and who has the money.

This is explosive information as Mr. Numa mentioned. Many listeners on the show sent emails and text messages, suggestion medication that are good for Diarrhea as they assume that many of the people responsible for the implementation of the projects will likely be sick in their stomach.

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Haiti should close its Border to Dominican Products to salvage any Dignity

Do we really know how important the Haitian market is to the Dominican Republic? Maybe if we really know our forces, we would act differently. Haiti's dignity is once again attacked by the Dominican Republic. We need to react with force by closing our border to Dominican Products.

Mezanmi, Dominikin Ap Manje Mange'm Min Li Pa Vle Ban'm Bon Jan

Dominican Republic has much to lose from an eventual border closure with Haiti. Did you know that of all the products consumed in Haiti, Dominican Republic furnishes at least 30% of them?

Some of these products furnished by the Dominicans to the Haitian market are the most ridiculous because we have full capacity to produce them ourselves: They make money with us by exporting to Haiti: Cement, Bread, Chicken, Salami, Egg, Mango, Beans, Canned Food, Coconut, Rhum, Alcohol, Cigarette and Used clothe (Pèpè) just to name a few.

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Camp-Perrin A Beautiful Destination To Visit In Haiti

Camp-Perrin, a municipality in the Les Cayes Arrondissement is located in Haiti's Sud Department. Around 40,650 people inhabit the place. It lies at 163 kms west of Port-au-Prince.
How Camp-Perrin Got Created

Three Perin brothers who were Frenchmen arrived here during the 18th century. They wanted to study the possibilities of growing coffee and cotton. They also wanted to explore the use of indigo and the dye of Campeche wood in Haiti. The city was thus created in 18th century.

Up the hill they built a camp, and Haut-Camp and Bas-Camp the two district towns came into existence. Perrin is subdivided into three counties namely, the second section - Champlois, the first section - Levy-Mersan and the third section - Tibi-Davezac.

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Former Haitian president, Ertha Pascal Trouillot, denounces Jean-Bertrand Aristide for Conspiracy

During an interview with Valery Numa at Radio Vision 2000 this week, former Haitian president, Ertha Pascal Trouillot, was showed little reserve. She managed to give us some important facts during her government.

She was very hard on another former Haitian president. Ertha denounced a conspiracy created by former President Jean Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas group in the objective of murdering her.

She went into some details on the Coup D'etat orchestrated by the late Roger Lafontant one January 6, 1991.

Ertha Pascal Trouillot also blamed Jean Bertrand Aristide for not taking the opportunity he had at the time to reconcile the nation with itself and at the same time bring Haiti on the path of development.

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Valery Numa, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Veteran journalist Valery Numa is known for his contributions to Haitian media and his active participation in several philanthropic projects within the country. Born on 1974 in Camp-Perrin, a Sud department of Haiti in the town Les Cayes, Numa had a growing passion for journalism and acquired his degree in Social Communication from the State University of Haiti. He has then worked for several radio stations and newspapers such as Radio Canada, France's L'Humanité, and Reporters Without Borders, and owns his own production company called Index Production.

Valery Numa has also directed and released two films entitled "La Presse face his destiny" and "Mission". The film "Mission" won an award in 2006 during the 2nd International Film Festival Haitien Montreal. Outside journalism, Valery is an active representative of humanitarian NGO's PSI-Haiti and Vocation Group that campaign for blood donations and assist poverty-stricken Haitians. He was recently involved in a tragic car accident in late 2011 but was able to recover from his injuries shortly after.

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Radio Vision 2000, Marie Lucie Bonhomme, Valery Numa, Daly Valet

The Port-au-Prince broadcast radio station, Radio Vision 2000, is undergoing a significant change with the departure of one iconic host and the return of another. After over a decade as an anchorman for the radio station, Valéry Numa has decided to leave his home on the 99.3 FM frequency and take up residence on his own 88.9 station, FM Platinum.

Among his other endeavors are the newsman's hotel, Kickback, and other business holdings in the South Haiti locale, Camp Perrin, from where his radio station will be broadcast. The goal is for FM Platinum to reach 18 southern towns by way of relay through other radio programs, a 'first' as announced by Valery. His last broadcast on the program he is known for, 'Guest of the Day', will be broadcast on Friday, September 2nd, after which the prodigal journalist, Marie-Lucie Bonhomme will return to host the popular show.

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Valery Numa of Vision 200 in a Coma following major Car accident in Morne Preval

We just learned a major car accident involving the journalist and radio personality from Vision 2000. Acording to Radio Caraibes Valery Numa was badly injured and is now in a coma as a result of the accident. Radio Caraibes reported that the car accident took place on Monday, December 26, 2011 in Morne Preval. Valery Numa was found unconscious at the site of the accident. He was transported to a hospital where he is currently receiving care.

At the time of this report, Valery Numa did not regain consciousness. He remains in Coma.

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