General Francois Capois, Capoix-la-Mort, and the Battle Of Vertieres

In the Battle of Vertieres near Cap-Haitian which is considered to be the decisive battle that eventually earned Haiti its independence, General Francois Capois, Capoix-la-Mort, occupied a key position in it.


Historians tell us that on November 18th, 1803, the leader of the Haitian rebels Jean-Jacques Dessalines ordered Capois lamort Brigade to take Fort Vertières, Capois raised several unsuccessful attempts until

Capoix, mounted on his great horse, led his brigade forward despite storms of bullets from the forts. As he is approaching Charrier, his horse was hit by a cannon and fell. However, Capois picked himself up, took his sword, stood up and ran again to the head of his soldiers shouting always "Forward! Forward".

As Rochambeau was watching from the rampart of Vertières, he ordered a sudden cease-fire. A French staff officer mounted his horse and rode toward the Haitian hero Capoix-la-Mort.

With a a loud voice he shouted: ''General Rochambeau sends compliments to the general who has just covered himself with such glory!"

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J Calixte says...

Kapwa Lamo neg Desyem Seksyon Lapointe Port de paix the greatest haitian independence

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Ray Darville says...

Born in LaPointe, now known as Lapointe des Palmistes, I am very excited to read your Historic article about The Great, Capois LaMort.

Yet I read about Capois in the history book. However, it's not mentioned that Capois was the one who captured LaTortue.

Also Not much credit is given to Capois for his distinguished contribution in Vertiere.


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Subject: General Francois Capois, Capoix-la-Mort, and the Battle Of Vertieres edit

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