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Tips for Leaving Pets Home Alone

A lot of people have jobs these days and have to leave their pets at home for which a few tips for leaving pets home alone can be followed. While the pet knows that you are not at home, you can run errands and complete important work and return.

Most of the pets including dogs, cats, birds, etc act as if they were aloof and independent but interaction of humans is what they thrive on the most. A few things could be done if you are planning to keep the pet home alone. The pet gets a secure feeling if the radio is left on and will not get depressed or bored. Always keep a bowl of fresh water for the pet to drink and get refreshed. Food too could be left in a bowl for the pet.

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How to protect your property while you are away

There are several reasons that may require you spend time away from your home. You can be away for business matters, home renovations or holiday. For whatever reason, it is important to ensure that your property is secure while you are away. Here are some tips to help you have some peace while you are far from home.

Ensure that you discourage trespassing in your area. You can put up noticeable 'No Trespassing' signs. Having a guard on duty will also help a big deal. You can also set up Beware and/or the Fierce Dog signs.

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Preparing Your Home for a Disaster

To prepare for a disaster, there are items you'll need during and after the event. Below is a listing of them.

Stock canned and dried goods: fruits, vegetables, and dry milk. Include healthy snacks: trail mixes and dried fruits. Store several large containers of water. Add pet food for family pets. Store Swiss knives, plastic dishware and utensils. Buy a portable stove for food preparation or cords of wood for heat and cooking.

Stock a first-aid kit and get medical bracelets for conditions like diabetes or heart problems. Ask for extra medicine refills and buy a first-aid medical book.

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How to Prepare for a Disaster

When a natural or man-made disaster hits, possible loss or destruction of property and family members' whereabouts can be traumatic. A disaster preparedness plan will insure that your family and possessions are safeguarded.

Of primary importance is family members' safety. With small children under six, get them dog tags and include names, addresses, phone numbers, and medical conditions. Place them on your child when disaster hits. For older children, have them memorize the same information.

Scout out a location where family can meet up if separated during a disaster, or if in different places when disaster hits.

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