Homosexuality And Voodoo

Homosexuality is still a sensitive issue in Haiti. Gay people are often discriminated and condemned and many of them are unable to express and show who they really are. However, not everything shuns homosexuality as there is one religion that accepts people of the third sex and that is Voodoo.


Voodoo religion has been linked to zombies, black magic, cannibalism and orgiastic rituals but what many people do not know is that this religion also worships one God. Voodoo practitioners have faith in one God and believe that they are guided by spirits called "loas" and "Iwas." And the doctrines of Voodoo are gay-friendly.

More about the Haitian society and Homosexuality

Voodoo spirits that followers believe in are gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual. As a matter of fact, people belonging to the third sex have their own spirit guides. For instance, gay people are believed to be under the divine protection of a feminine spirit of sexuality and love named Erzula Freda. Erzulie Dantor, on the other hand, looks over lesbians, as well as women and children who have been abused. While Erzulie Dantor is a bisexual spirit, Labalen is believed to be intersexual. Another spirit, whose name is LaSiren, is known as a maternal spirit who is also a transgender.

Given all these, gay people in Haiti find comfort and acceptance in Voodoo. During Rara Festivals and Voodoo gatherings, they are able to fully express themselves and be who they really are without thinking or fearing what other people might say. This is the reason why Voodoo is considered a gay-friendly religion.

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