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Renmen Ayiti said no to Euvonie Georges Auguste in Commission

Platform Renmen Ayiti was in shock to learn that member of its Board, Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste, was appoint by President Michel Martelly to be part of his Commission of Electoral Evaluation and as a result has formally requested that she renounces to any participation in this Commission. For the Political Platform, the formation of this Commission is contrary to the request of the G8 which calls of preference in favor of the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry. In addition, Platform Renmen Ayiti denounced the new Commission of Electoral Evaluation, saying that it is contrary to the request of the G8 which calls for the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry.

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Max Beauvoir Biochemist and Voodoo Houngan

Haitian Max Gesner Beauvoir's profession was as a biochemist, but he also pursued a calling to become a Voodoo houngan. Beauvoir took his studies at the City College of New York, earning an associate degree in chemistry. He completed his education at the Sorbonne, earning an undergraduate degree in biochemistry. His career path led him to Cornell Medical Center, and then to a position as an engineer for the Digital Equipment Company, where he researched the topic of plant-derived hydrocortisone.

The event of Beauvoir's father's death motivated him to return to Haiti. Not long after he arrived back home, in 1973 he felt an urge to become a Voodoo priest, a houngan. He ascended to the heights of Voodoo priesthood, finally attaining the title Supreme Servitur, which gave him great status among the other Voodoo leaders.

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Max Gesner Beauvoir, Supreme chief of Voodoo in Haiti, is dead

We just learned that the National Ati also known as the Supreme Chief of of the Voodoo religion in Haiti has passed away. Max Gesner Beauvoir died in Port-au-Prince this weekend. He was 79 years old.

Mr. Max Beauvoir was a biochemist and a houngan who had also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. He Was the first to be elevated to the rank of "National Ati", the highest level in Haitian Voodoo, in 2008. He founded The Peristyle of Mariani in 1974.

Mr. Max Beauvoir's role as Supreme chief of Voodoo was to provide spiritual guide to voodoo practitioners and to defend the religion against ongoing attacks from the other religions such as Catholic, Protestant, Evangelist and other alike.

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Pouki sa yon Houngan ka by Pwin Min Li pa ka ede tet li?

Si ke mwin ape travay nan lakizin, mwe pa ka mouri grangou; si mwen ape travay nan yon faktori kote yo fe rad, mwen pa ka ap mache tottouni. Mwen panse se ta minm bagay pou yon houngan, bokor oubyen manbo an Ayiti.

Eske nou pa janm mande pouki sa yon Houngan, Bokor, ou Manbo kapab by pwin pou moun pou moun gin lajan, min li pa kapab ede tet li? Mwen ouè anpil Houngan an Ayiti, min mwen pa ouè afè yo bon pase sa non?

Sanble mwen prale jete tet mwen nan Paste Leglis pito. O mwen moun sa yo by fidel yo grac, min yo recevwa nan grac sa tou, sitou nan min fidel yo ki kontribye nan la Kolet. Moun sa yo pa minm jan ak Pastè legliz!

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Voodoo, big social problem in Haiti, according to Cardinal Chibly Langlois

The battle for the sole of Haiti has begun once again. In an article written in, newly nominated Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois, said that "Voodoo won't save Haiti. Traditional faith offers no real solutions for the poor and is a big social problem".

Cardinal Chibly Langlois attributed Haiti's political problems to its belief system. "If a person is well educated and has the financial means, they will go to a doctor rather than a Houngan when they are sick. The same is true for conflicts between the population; someone would go to Court to get justice instead of going to the voodoo priest to get revenge.

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Michel Martelly Visits Lakou Souvenance, Soukri Danach and Badjo

In the objective to support the Haitian Voodoo, Haitian President Michel Martelly visited three "Lakous" in the Artibonite Department on january 13, 2013: Lakou Souvenance, Lakou Soukri Danach, Lakou Badjo.

Martelly conducted the visits with an initiative coming from Culture Minister, Mario Dupuy. He entered inside of the Peristile of Souvenance with a Candle and a cup filled with water and and proceed to do the ritual called "Jete Dlow". The Haitian President received the benediction of the Haitian Voodoo priests or as they are called Houngan.

What is Souvenance?
Souvenance is one of lakous in the Artibonite region that are known for keeping a specific African Voodoo traditions. Lakou Souvenance celebrates the lwas originated from Daome which is called Benin today. Lakou Soukri Danach is known for celebrating the African Kongo tradition. Lakou Badjo has kept the Nago tradition of Yoruba.

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