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Ona-ville houses Project Inauguration in morne a cabri

The Inauguration of 90 houses Project, Ona-ville in the region of morne à cabri. In addition to these 90 houses rehabilitation, there is a 3.4 kilometers of paved roads built with recreational spaces.

WATCH VIDEO: ONA City or Ona Ville key delivery to police officers

Haitian Kreyol:

Inogirasyon 90 kay Pwojè, Ona-ville nan rejyon Morne à cabri. Anplis de 90 kay reyabilitasyon, gen yon 3.4 kilomèt wout pave bati ak espas lwazi.

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Project of Housing Loan for Civil servants in Haiti.

There is a new project to help all public servants in Haiti to obtain their own home. With this plan, anyone working for the government either as Civil servant or Agents of Public Service will be able to borrow money from the bank guaranteed by the government. The loan will be for up to 15 years at an annual rate of 6 percent.

This project is a proposition by the Ministry of Finance. The loans can only be used for home construction or home renovation. To make repayment easy, it will be taking directly from the employee's salary.

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How the housing problem in Haiti can be solved

Housing in Haiti was already a problem even before the 2010 earthquake. After it, the level of poverty, and consequently the lack of sufficient, decent housing, was worsened. While the sub-standard buildings that had been erected before, without adherence to building codes and earthquake and hurricane resistance, were not the ideal, it can be debated that they were still better than the current broken-down structures and tarpaulin tents that many Haitians now call home. Their inadequacy becomes clear every time it rains.

New ideas in home building are coming out of the woodwork in a worldwide attempt to help eradicate homelessness in poorer countries and the world at large. Of the brilliant new ideas is the possibility of houses made from plastic bottles, shipping containers, and mixed materials such as clay, sand and straw.

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New opportunity for Haitians to Access funding

Here is something that might be of value to people interested in accessing funding for a Haiti project. The businesses can have access to loans from various financial institutions in Haiti, thanks to a USD 26-million housing finance under the name "REBATI Fund".

My job is to bring these information to you. However, if you are interested, you need to make the proper connections to learn more about it.

According to information received, three major organizations got together to offer this opportunity: The Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

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Village Lumane Casimir in Morne-a-Cabris

On May 16, 2013, the Head of the State of Haiti, President Michael Martelly went ahead with a symbolic deliverance of keys to 8 out of 120 beneficiary families. The event was the part of 1st phase of rental housing construction in Morne-à-Cabris. The project aims towards building 3,000 rental houses in Morne-à-Cabris. Started in December 2011, this social project is a part of Martelly-Lamothe administration interventions targeted towards assisting Haiti's most vulnerable social group. The project kicked off under the guidance of UCLBP or Unit for Housing Construction and Public Buildings.

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Jimmy Carter returns to Haiti to build houses

Haiti has welcomed former United States President Jimmy Carter as he returned to the country to help build houses for people who lost their homes during the 2010 earthquake. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were implementing a rehabilitation program with Habitat for Humanity. Some 600 volunteers were also helping to build 100 houses in the town of Leogan, which was the epicenter of the quake that killed thousands of people and destroyed homes, buildings and infrastructure.

During his visit, the 88-year-old former president also called on donors to fulfill their billion-dollar pledges to Haiti. It can be recalled that countries and institutions vowed to donate some $4.46 billion to Haiti. However, the United Nations said that only about half of the money has been released so far. The delays were attributed to problems that some donor countries are facing. Donors are also reportedly waiting for the new Haiti government to adjust and settle as President Michel Martelly assumed presidency only last year. Carter said that everyone should support the government in helping revive the country.

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Leopard Capital Gives Haiti its First Private Equity Fund

Leopard Capital has inked a deal with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to set up the first private equity fund to re-energize Haitian small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) wiped out by the 2010 earthquake.

With a goal of securing $40 to $75 million to re-capitalize Haitian businesses, the Leopard Haiti Fund (LHF) has attracted $20 million in funding from three development banks: IFC, LHF's senior partner, has invested $8.5 million; the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) $8.5 million; and Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) $3.0 million.

LHF will pour financing into four potential-growth areas: food manufacturing, sustainable energy, tourism, and low-income housing. The bulk of LHF's financial resources will help already-open businesses grow by re-capitalizing operations and restoring structural damage. A portion of LHF's investment funds will support SMEs and new businesses.

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