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Massive Hurricane Sandy left 44 dead in Haiti and counting - See video

Hurricane Sandy on Haiti

The biggest storm this hurricane season is likely to be the one that just left us. Based on the total of damages so far, hurricane Sandy is the largest killer. In Haiti, the latest estimate put to death toll at 44, with the expectation that it will continue to increase.

In addition, according to Haiti's Civil Protection Office, nineteen people have received major injuries from the storm and another 12 are missing.

Further evaluation by Haitian authorities estimated that close to 131 people were moved into temporary shelters as a result of hurricane sandy

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Emergency Operation Centre in Miragoane, Haiti

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred on January 2010 killed thousands of Haitians and destroyed thousands of homes and infrastructures. The Emergency Operations Centre just created in Miragoane will improve disaster response in this Caribbean island. With the help of foreign donors, the island country is slowly gaining momentum and getting back at its feet.

Caribbean countries including Haiti have been prone to several natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions due to an oceanic tectonic plate called the Caribbean Plate. These inevitable catastrophes may not be avoided, but their effects could be more properly dealt with to lessen the number of casualties. That is why disaster response facilities have recently been launched in Miragoane, a coastal town in the Nippes Department, in order to improve the country and its citizens' preparedness when it comes to any kind of calamity. The town's Emergency Operations Centre is a project of both the Haitian government and the United States government which will compise of a disaster relief house and a fire station in hopes that it will assist local governments and the localities in preparing and dealing collectively with unforeseeable disasters and emergencies.

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What is a Hurricane?

The term hurricane is sometimes used interchangeably with typhoon. It is a tropical cyclone characterized by intensified sustained winds of more than 34 mps or 74 miles per hour. A hurricane tends to develop an eye at the centre of the circulation. The eye refers to the circular centre of the cyclone, which is normally at a low pressure and cloud free.

A prevailing weather disturbance is one of the ingredients for a hurricane. Warm tropical oceans, presence of moisture, and existence of light winds aloft are other contributing factors of hurricane. When these conditions persist long enough, they combine to create the violent winds associated with hurricanes. Incredible waves and torrential flood rains are other characteristics of hurricanes

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Red Cross contemplating of investing money donated for Haiti

Well, if I told you that an organization whose core business is to provide aid to those in distress while relying on donor funding is thinking of investing that very money, you would probably say that am out of my mind.


How do you even explain that idea to people who gave willingly because they had a desire to alleviate the suffering of some individuals?

Is it that the organization has done everything it desired to do, so that now there is nothing else to do with the money?

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Tips for Staying Safe During Hurricanes

Hurricanes can wreak havoc. These disasters can be very dangerous, as they can destroy houses and infrastructure and even claim lives.

These are only some of the reasons why it is necessary for anyone to be prepared for such a calamity like Hurricane. If you know that a hurricane is coming, be sure to take all the precautionary measures to stay safe and secure.

One thing you have to do is to be kept updated. Watch the news and find out what is going on in your area, as well as in nearby communities. This way, you will know how strong the hurricane is, allowing you to decide whether to stay in your house or evacuate. If officials advise all residents to evacuate, it is best to follow them to be on the safer side.

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Top ten important Facts you should know about Hurricane

Hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone that can cause a lot of damage.

Hurricane is associated with strong winds and rains. But how is it formed? How does it move? And how long does it usually last? These are only some of the questions that many people ask and this article contains important facts about hurricane.

A hurricane forms when water reached a depth of at least 200 feet and a temperature of more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the higher the water's temperature, the stronger the hurricane will be. When its center passes the coastline, the hurricane would make its landfall. It has an "eye," which is a low-pressure center, as well as an "eye-wall" that is actually its strongest part. From the Northern Hemisphere, hurricanes move counterclockwise while it makes an opposite turn when in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Paul Magloire was Haitian Military ruler

Magloire was born on July 19, 1907 in Cap Haitien, Haiti. He gained his leadership skills from his mother, General Magloire Rose. He joined the Haitian army in 1930 but due to his hard work he was promoted to Police Chief of Port-au- Prince in 1944. In 1946 he took part in coup against President Elie Lescot. His ability to fight for his rights made him to become the president in 1950 after removing President Dumarsais Estime from power.

He was a great leader who improved tourism in Haiti through maintaining good relations with US and European tourists. Magloire used the money the country got from coffee export to develop Haiti by repairing towns, building roads, public building and dam building. He was a social being who cerebrated and held parties with Haitians always. He empowered women's suffrage institutions.

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Video report from Jacmel as hurricane Tomas approaching

A view from Jacmel of Hurricane Tomas

This is a video report from the city of Jacmel as Hurricane Tomas arriving at the coast. As you can see in this video report, the rain is getting heavy at time. Many areas in the city of Jacmel are not accessible at this time. The wind is picking up speed and the ocean very unstable.

Watch the Video report of Hurricane Tomas passing through the city of Jacmel:

Please excuse us as this video was reported in Spanish language. For many of you who know Jacmel, the main road specially the one by the sea is almost impossible to drive in. One thing that was noticeable is that you couldn't see anyone in the streets.

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A prayer for Haiti before Hurricane Tomas hits

This goes without saying that Hurricane Tomas concerns lots of people around the world for Haiti. These people, more than one million f them, are literally living out in the streets. The tents that they are currently living under are not even effective in keeping the sun out.

Hurricane Tomas is likely to bring rain which many experts predicted will exceed 20 or 30 inches. Major flood with mudslides is also likely following hurricane Tomas.

So imagine, winds of over 90 to 110 mph in tents while water rising with mud. By the way, there is an outbreak of cholera going on right now in Haiti and hurricane Tomas could create a more widespread outbreak.

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Haiti is not ready for Hurricane Tomas

Hurricane Thomas in Haiti

Can you believe this, Haiti is in the path yet to be hit with another disaster. The National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane Tomas is moving toward Haiti. This hurricane is close to a category 3 and picking up speed.

Have you seen the prediction and the map issued by The National Hurricane Center? It seems like Hurricane Tomas intends to inflict Haiti with the most pain. It appears that we will be attached from the south of us where the biggest areas to be hit will be Cayes and Jacmel. Hurricane Tomas will likely move north to the rest of the country

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