US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the policy of children parent separation

The recent order by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to follow policy changes and separate thousands of children from their parents at the nation's southern border has made news. Recently, an audio recording capturing the voices of children crying for their parents after being separated at the border.


During his career that lasted more than 30 years; first as a federal prosecutor and state attorney general, and second as a Senator, Jeff Sessions has been a major anti-immigrant force. Mr. Sessions came to believe that immigrants, whether legal or illegal, posed a direct threat to the US by depressing wages, committing crimes and taking advantages of welfare benefits.

Jeff Sessions believes a zero-tolerance policy in regard to immigrants. Powerful like never before, he is the driving force behind President Trump's policy to separate immigrant children from their parents.

Since October 2017, at least 2,700 children have been separated from their parents as the result of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy aiming at reducing the number of undocumented people entering the United States.

"We cannot and will not encourage people to bring children by giving them blanket immunity from our laws,"

"There is no straying from that mission," he said.

What do you think?

Do you think the policy of separating immigrant children from their parents is right is right or wrong and why?

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Imao says...

impotencia me da esta situación, como puede ser posible que pasen estas cosas, es inapropiado, además de luchar para salir de la pobreza, tener que pelear para que los niños no sean separados de sus padres que por derecho le corresponde...una atrocidad y mas atroz que no se haga

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Yvon Volcy says...

Jeff Sessions and Miller represent the conservative group who believe that the white population in the US is decreasing to an alarming rate and that they should do anything necessary to protect their majority.

Immigration is big part in controlling their majority and they are willing to use it to get to their goal. There is only one problem with this philosophy.

No matter what they believe or try, the population shift is well underway and nothing can stop that.

Can you imagine a time when the current white majority in the US will not be in charge of the establishment?

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Carl Juste says...

The U.S. government has historically used the bible as a weapon, citing it as a means to dehumanize others or to justify atrocities committed in the name of God, country and morality.

The current Trump administration is guilty of some of the most egregious violations of human rights in recent memory, and it would have its evangelical constituency believe that all the horror it imposes is the will of

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Johnson Dominique says...

What is the big deal?

the process of capturing and detaining individuals entering the US illegally isn't new. The Obama administration has done similar things.

to respond to a "crisis" of undocumented immigration.

What is new this time is the separation of children from their families.

Children have been placed in crowded centers.

The U.S. is has he has done in the past using scare tactics as a disincentive to seeking

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