Haitian Immigrant causes Brazil to declared "state of social emergency"

Amazon State of Acre declared a 'state of social emergency' on the wake of uncontrolled Haitian immigration. It was declared on April 9, 2013 by Tiao Viana, governor of Acre. The declaration of social emergency by the governor came with the hope that the Federal Government will help to contain the massive human trafficking that has plagued Acre of late. However, the Acre government did declare through its website that those who have already entered Brazil will be given the necessary aid.


While signing the decree, the governor said that the declaration formally recognizes the seriousness of the problem and that Acre alone is not capable of dealing with the situation and hence, it is looking for external help to contain the situation.

According to the reports, around 4000 Haitians have immigrated to the Amazon State of Acre after the 2010 earthquake tore apart Haiti. The governor said that since 2010, Acre State Government has provided $1.5 million aid for the Haitian immigrants while the Federal Government provided another $350,000.

Nilson Mourao, Secretary of Justice and Human Rights mentioned that within a few days in April, over 1,100 Haitians have illegally entered Acre. Mourao also mention that Haiti alone cannot be blamed for illegal immigration. People from countries like Senegal, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Dominican Republic are also moving into Acre in huge numbers. Mourao said that Acre treats the illegal immigrants pretty well but this only encourages increase in human trafficking.

The Haitian immigrants as well as immigrants from other countries have been legally employed in the projects of construction sector that is currently preparing for the World Cup of 2014 and the Olympics of 2016.

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