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Poukisa Pwopriyete Kay nan Amerik konsidere kom yon Klas Siperye?

Kòm sezon taks la rive, anpil pwopriyetè kay ap prepare pou reklame tout kalite dediksyon taks sou pwopriyete yo. Gen anpil fason ou kapab evite peye taks kòm yon mèt kay nan Etazini. Nou gin pou ba ou yon lis nan atik ki ape vin apre.

Konbyen fwa moun yo ap eseye konvenk m 'ke pafwa lwe pi bon pase achte; sepandan, prèv yo pa konvenk mwen ase. Apa bagay tankou libète pou soti de nan yon zòn a yon lòt ak antretyen yon kay, met Kay gen anpil avantaj taks ke lokasyon pa ofri.

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Eske ou konnen wol Dediksyon, Ekzanpsyon ak Kredi jwe nan taks Ameriken?

Gen twa gwo faktè ki detèmine konbyen lajan ou pral peye Tonton Sam nan taks oswa kenbe pou tèt ou ane sa a Yo se Ekzanpsyon, Dediksyon ak Kredi. Lè ou konnen fonksyon yo, sa ap ede ou pran anpil avantaj de yo, tankou pifò moun ki fè siksè nan Amerik la.

Diferans ki genyen ant dediksyon, egzanpsyon, ak kredi kapab rezime jan sa yo: dediksyon ak egzanpsyon tou de diminye revni taksab ou, pandan ke kredi diminye taks ou.

Ekzanpsyon: Pou ane fiskal 2015, kantite lajan pou egzanpsyon pèsonèl se $ 4,000 pou ou ak pou chak depandan reklame nan taks ou.

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2015 Tax Year, our answers for some of the most asked questions

Top Tax Questions & Answers

Some of the basics of Income Tax facts, if known, can help you to take a confident first step and make your financial lives easier. Understanding state tax laws is important when preparing your tax returns. Some questions which are frequently asked by the filers are discussed here to ease your responsibility.

Maybe you often wonder about the issue that whether cancellation of a debt would be considered as an income during the year when it happened. A waiver of certain debt may be allowed by your credit card issuer or in case of a student loan or when your house is foreclosed, or there could be many other numerous situations to name. Since you were supposed to pay that debt out of your income or have already set that debt amount and paid from some previous year's income, when such debt is waived by your creditor, that saving of expenses would be again construed as an income for that year and you will have the liability to pay tax on that amount forgone. One exception to this principle is relief under Mortgage Debt Relief Act.

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DGI Collected 68 Percent Of Expected By Mid Fiscal Year 2014-2015

On Monday, June 8, 2015, Mr. Miradin Morlan, the holder of the General Tax Directorate (DGI) has announced that DGI had collected more than 17 billion gourdes, 68% of the total expected revenue of 25 billion gourdes, in the middle of the 2014-15 fiscal year, excluding the taxes collected by different directorates and tax centers in provincial towns whose collections are expected to be reported shortly. New software will be operational soon which will ensure a better and rational management of tax records and maintenance of the security level of the revenue collected. The tax payers can avail online tax payment and declaration facilities in a simplified way like the cities of Hinche and Cap Haitien which have already been computerized. At the end of the current month, the DGI will inaugurate a new building towards its effort on decentralization with connectivity. DGI was created by a notification in "Le Moniteur" on Thursday, June 12, 1924, through an enactment dated June 6th, 1924 under the presidency of Louis Borno, and the department has celebrated its 91st birthday on last Saturday, June 6th.

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