Jacmel Infrastructure: Raymond-les-Bains and Place of Grande Colombie

Jacmel is a small town located in the southern part of Haiti and founded in 1698. Being such a historic town, the town has a number of buildings that has a lot of historic value and significance. Jacmel was one of the regions of Haiti that suffered immensely during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Since the region holds a lot of historic importance, efforts have been taken to restore as well as build new buildings in the area.


Three significant buildings are being constructed in Jacmel at the moment - a Convention Center, the new communal market and an Administrative Complex. On May 3rd, 2013, the President, Michel Martelly, paid a visit to Jacmel to check on progress of these constructions. The construction of these buildings are estimated to be over $3 million and is being funded by the Interamerican Development Bank.

The President also checked on the progress of work that is being carried out at the gabionade in Grande Rivière, the construction at the entrance of the city as well as the improvement of the beach Raymond-les-Bains. He commented that the progress of all the construction has been progressing significantly well and that he was happy with the pace at which it was being done. Apart from these comments, he also made some suggestions regarding the standards of construction that need to be upheld.

In the presence of other dignitaries like the former Senator, Mayor and Departmental Delegate, the President encouraged the people of Jacmel to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens to help complete the restoration.

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