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National Security Agency secretly intercepting Aristide's phone calls, Clinton White House

Recently, a long restricted November 1994 file from the office of Bill Clinton at White House reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) had secretly intercepted former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's phone calls. The NSA is a U.S. intelligence agency responsible for global monitoring, collection, decoding, translation and analysis of information and facts for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes. Ira J. Kurzban, a Miami based American civil rights and immigration lawyer, has commented that such an act of interception is in contravention of the U.N. Charter and international law; it offends the principle of peaceful cooperation among states. He is of opinion that the government did never change its conduct since the 1994 incidence.

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Nine accused in the killing of radio journalist Jean Dominique

In April of 2000, noted, uncompromising and controversial journalist, Jean Dominique arrived at work at his radio station, Radio Haiti Inter. As he pulled into the lot, unknown gunmen attacked him, killing him and the station's security guard in the act. For over 10 years, despite many cries for justice from various fronts, not the least of which was the widow of the deceased journalist, no definite moves toward seeking prosecution for the masterminds of one of Haiti's most striking assassinations had been made. Today, through the efforts of investigative judge, Yvikel Dabresil, 9 people stand accused of the conspiracy which claimed the lives of two men.

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The real reason why Jean-Bertrand Aristide was not supposed to be in Haiti before the election

My friend, the real reason is called Election Day and five years from now. March 20 has a lot more meaning to both the International Community and Jean-Bertrand Aristide than you can begin to understand. However nobody could talk about it.

I was unable to understand why a lot of effort, energies and resources have been invested to prevent Jean-Bertrand Aristide from returning to Haiti before the election scheduled for March 20, 2011.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his attorney Ira Kurzban wanted us to believe that the only reason he wanted to come before the election, is because the next Haitian government might make it difficult for him to comeback. But Mr. Aristide, you could come to Haiti at any time in the week following the election because your friend Rene Preval would still be in office and would have the same power that he had before the election, and you would not have any problem

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Jean-Bertrand Aristide will be in Haiti before March 20

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Aristide's supporters will not have to wait long before they see their leader in Haiti. Jean-Bertrand Aristide will be in Haiti in about a Month from Now or less. According to his current layer, Ira Kurzban, Jean-Bertrand Aristide will be in Haiti before the Haitian run-off election scheduled for March20.

Attorney Kurzban also confirmed that Jean-Bertrand Aristide received his passport. He said that he is in possession of his passport and now making final preparations for his return.

He also reiterated that Jean-Bertrand Aristide has no political plan. His objective is become involved in education once he returns to Haiti.

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Haitian Government ready to issue Diplomatic passport to Jean-Bertrand Aristide

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that The Haitian Government will issue a Diplomatic passport to Jean-Bertrand Aristide so that he can return to Haiti. According to Reuters News, Fritz Longchamp who is the current general secretary for president Rene Preval told the news media: "The Council of Ministers, under the leadership of President Rene Preval, decided that a diplomatic passport be issued to President Aristide, if he asks for it."

On the other hand, Ira Kurzban, who is the current attorney for Jean-Bertrand Aristide, formally requested the passport in a letter to the Haitian authorities. He also requested security for Aristide when he returns to Haiti

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