Jean Bertrand Aristide Eyeing Jean Hector Anacasis Senate Seat

Talks have been circulating that former two-time Haiti President Jean Bertand Aristide is planning to run for Senate. According to reports, he, who was ousted from the presidency twice, is aiming for the seat in the Ouest Department. If the reports turn out to be true, he may run against other notable nominees such as Haitian National Police Chief Mario Andresol and singer Jacques Sauveur.


The reports of his Senate plans did not sit well with critics. As a matter of fact, it is seen as Jean Bertrand Aristide's strategy to escape a possible prosecution of justice. In a commentary, Radio Metropole host Nancy Roc said that once elected, he will have parliamentary immunity, which can help him avoid prosecution. Roc also reminded listeners on the dispute between Aristide and current President Michel Martelly. Many people think that Martelly had a hand on both coups against the former president.
Since the beginning of time, no Haitian president has run for Senate after his term. Should Jean Bertrand Aristide push through with the candidacy and win, he would probably make history. Reports about his plans came out despite Aristide's previous comments that he does not have plans to enter politics again. Aristide has been out of the public eye since he returned to the country last year. Instead of involving himself in politics, he simply focused his time and energy on operating his schools and universities.
Jean Hector Anacasis is the incumbent senator of the Ouest Department. He is running once again, along with Marie Denise Claude, Claudy Gassant, and Jean Mary Claude Germain.

Jean Bertrand Aristide, senate, Ouest, Haiti
Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide may he planning to run for the Haitian senate.

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