Will Jean Claude Duvalier's Coffin be covered with a Black and Red or Blue and Red Flag?

There's been a lot of debate and disagreements since the death of former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude on what type of funeral to give him. Why many Haitians think we should receive a State Funeral, many more disagreed. Finally the government of Michele Martelly has decided on State funeral for the former dictator. The crisis is not over. Now, what color of flag should we use for his flag-draped casket?


To go back into history, when Francois Duvalier was elected president in 1957, he adopted a new constitution which restored the black and red flag. From 1964 to 1986 the Black and Red flag was the official flag of Haiti. It would not go back to its current Blue and red until Jean Claude Duvalier went into exile in France.

Now, wouldn't this be an insult to the "Duvalierists" if the coffin of their leader, Jean Claude Duvalier, is covered with a red and blue instead of their black and red flag.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, gin problem nan kay la oui. Konyè-a ke Gouvenman Martelly decide pou yo bay Jean Claude Duvalier yon Fineray Nasyonal, ake ki Drapo yo aprale kouvri serkey li?

Antou Ka, Mwin konnin ke "Divalierist" yo pa rekonet Drapo "Ble Et Rouj" sa. Drapo yo se te se te Nwa Et Rouj.

Anto ka, comm Lantèman-an Se nan Samdi. Mwin prale ouè.

Gade Pa Bouly Je"

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Danny X says...

Yes I as a admirer of Dr. Francois Duvalier was disappointed to see the the red and blue flag on JCD coffin, I guess the movement Died longtime ago with Dr. FRANCOIS

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Neg Miserne says...

when papa Doc changed the Flag, he did not bring a new flag with new color.

the Black & red are the original color of our flag, established by OUR SAVIOUR J.J. Dessalines.

Blue & red were made by petion (drapeau mulatre) Therefore, it will be an

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Yvanne says...

The flag colors that they are using

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Wiss Brise says...

I don't think so there's any problem about color of the flag going to his coffin, black and red or blue and red doesn't mean anything for Jean Claude Duvalier because he leaved on both flag in this country and now there's no tonton macoute, no pintade we got now Tet Kale ok! Whatever we give him does not matter for

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Arlene Wade says...

Baby doc evil doing in the past will be judge by the Lord of all. Red, black state or no state he will be judged for his sins, so many killed under his government.

Be blessed Haiti, God hasn't forgotten

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