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Commissioner Jean Monestime gets Nod as Miami-Dade Commission Chairman

Another first was achieved for the Haitian community when Jean Monestime, recently elected Miami-Dade District 2 Commissioner, was unanimously elected county commission chairman, a history-making moment. Jose Pepe Diaz, District 12 Commissioner, entered Monestime's name into consideration. His dual role will commence on January 1, 2015 (commissioner terms last four years, chairman two). He will replace retiring Commissioner and Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa of District 6.

Monestime's role as chairman of the commission consists of arranging the agenda for items that may be placed before the board for consideration. Monestime says he feels privileged and wants to live up to the expectations his colleagues have of him in electing him to the chairmanship of the commission. He wants most of all to work with his ". . . fellow commissioners in a spirit of unity to keep Miami-Dade County moving in a positive direction" In a statement he released to the media, he alluded to the fact ". . . the American dream is still very much alive for anyone who works hard enough to achieve it."

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New Little Haiti Optimist Club Community Tech and Youth Center at Soar Park

The nonprofit organization, Little Haiti Optimist Club, had a ribbon-cutting early in September to open up their new Community Tech and Youth Center in Soar Park, Miami. With this new space, a remodel of the park building already in existence, the organization hopes to gives residents, young and old, access to classes and training that will edify and recreational activities that will help to unify.

The Optimist Club, which comprises members from local businesses, civic leaders and the community intends for the site to give tutoring, help with homework, and classes in Film, Business Entrepreneurship and Robotics. Their program for recreational activities include soccer, yoga, basketball, self-defense and a garden program for the community.

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Taste of Haiti at North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art

There are a few tried and true avenues through which a country can establish its name on the world map. Its people, its culture, its art and music, sports, government, etc. all can be conduits through which a country's popularity rises worldwide. Haiti has had successes in these fields and more before, but, the earthquake of January 2010 usurped the top spot and put the name Haiti into the minds of the world's people in a context of pity and sorrow. Ever since then, the fight to reclaim the country's popularity in a more positive attitude has been waged by the tourism sector.

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Arly Lariviere to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Arly Lariviere is American- Haitian musician. He loved music since his hay days, but this passion for music came from his father and Tropicana D'Haiti. This passion developed greatly making him come up with Nu look group. He played the role of a conductor of Nu look group for 11 years. Lariviere was a talented musician who enjoyed Haitian music.

He has made an attempt to resign from Nu look group due to some circumstances, but this became impossible due to his love for his fans. His fans claimed to lose morale of Nu look group if he resigned, and his resignation would affect the members of Nu look and their dependants. Due to his value for his fans Arly Lariviere chose to remain the group for the time being.

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Bemol Telfort to be honored by County commissioner Jean Monestime

Bemol Telfort was born and bred in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He was song writer, singer, guitarist, bassist, conga player, composer arranger and bandleader. Growing up in Haiti where there are many artists made him admire singing. At the age of six he started playing Conga which he did till the age of 8 where he used body percussion. Since he had no money to buy a guitar, he made himself one at the age of 10 years.

His guitar was unique, though it lacked some scales like c major. Telfort attempted to come up with a guitar with c major scale. To achieve this he bought various guitar books that he came across. To earn a living he played conga, breathing percussion instrument and his own made guitar.

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Andre "Dadou" Pasquet to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Andre "Dadou" Pasquet is Haitian artist. He was guitarist and musician. His music talent was inborn as it ran in the family. He played in the group known as Tabou Combo Radio Superstar.

He was a talented guitarist who played the guitar so passionately and was admired by everyone. He left Tabou Combo group and formed a band group known as Magnum Band. The band sound was unique because it was a mixture of Haitian roots, jazz, pop and soul filled Creole music. This band has made him to be honored for valuing Haitian culture in his music.

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Jean Monestime appointed to Electoral College U.S. Presidential Election

The November 2012 presidential election in the United States is one of the most important events in world politics that could change and affect other countries greatly. For the upcoming election in the U.S., Jean Monestime was appointed to Electoral College.

The Electoral College requires the services of thousands of government officials and workers to ensure that the election will be done fair and right in choosing the next most powerful man in the world, which only happens every four years.

For Haitian-American Jean Monestime, working for the upcoming elections is a big obligation, and at the same time a huge privilege. Monestime, who is currently the Commissioner in Miami-Dade County's 2nd district, has been made a member of the Electoral College of the Florida Democratic Party. He is joined by 28 others in representing the state of Florida. The U.S. Electoral College is a set of selected individuals that represent a particular institution or organization in electing a candidate for a certain government office. The members are usually appointed just a few months before the actual elections.

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The Oath of Office for Marc Elias, First Haitian-American Chief of Police for North Miami.

The ceremony took place on Monday, November 28, 2011 at North City Hall. Marc Elias became the First Haitian-American Chief of Police for North Miami also the first for a major city in the United States.

This proves that we can do a lot as individuals. If we unite our forces, we can do even greater things. There were several high dignitaries who were present at the ceremony for Oath of Office for Marc Elias. Jean Monestime first Haitian-American Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Daphne D. Campbell, State Representative, Former Mayor of North Miami, First Haitian-American Mayor of North Miami, Joe Celestin, Andre Pierre, Mayor of the city of North Miami, Florida, Jean R. Marcellus and Councilman of North Miami, District 3. Also present were Lucie Tondreau and Deputy Arnel Belizaire.

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Jean Monestime, First Haitian American County Commissioner in Miami

Jean Monestime First Haitian-Amecican County Commissioner in Miami Dade

Our own Jean Monestime defeated Miami-Dade County Commissioner Dorrin D. Rolle on Tuesday, November 2 to become the first Haitian-American elected Commissioner.

Jean Monestime was is a former North Miami City Councilman.

What made this victory for Monestime so sweet, because Dorrin Rolle had a lot more money than he did. Dorrin Rolle spent $329,785 for his campaign, compared to $74,845 spent by Monestime.

Jean was able to rally the Haitian community, the African-American, and Hispanic-American voters in the district to gain that victory.

Jean Monestime obtained his MBA from the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from Florida International University

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