Sherlson Sanon Exposes Two Presidential Advisors as Drug Lords,

Former criminal operative, Sherlson Sanon, testified about his involvement in KAKOS, a crime syndicate, before the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH). His testimony implicated ex-Senator Joseph Lambert as his mentor, who drafted the then-11year-old Sanon into a life of crime.


Lambert persuaded Sanon to quit school, telling him a diploma would not get him what he wanted--money. Lambert educated the youngster as a drug runner, with special training as a cocaine expert. Sanon's education included the use of weapons, vehicles, and personal tools of the trade.

Sherlson Sanon also implicated Government Commissioner, Lenny Thelisma, whom Sanon says received several shipments of drugs in Carrefour Fleuriot. What is particularly disturbing about Joseph Lambert and Thelisma is both are advisors to President Michel Martelly.

Sherlson Sanon gave specific information to RNDDH, the names and aliases of 17 KAKOS gang members. He also gave the address of a secondary KAKOS location in Port-au-Prince, leased by Lambert as a residence and base of operations for gang members.

Some of the crimes Sherlson Sanon has admitted committing include electoral fraud, drug trafficking, child abduction, and murder, at the behest of Lambert. It seems Sanon is taking a great risk exposing Lambert and Lenny Thelisma to judicial authorities. Sanon's testimony leads straight to the office of Martelly.

Exposing Lambert and Thelisma brings the count of presidential advisors involved in criminal activities to three: another presidential advisor has been fighting his case in court on rape charges in three separate incidents.

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Subject: Sherlson Sanon Exposes Two Presidential Advisors as Drug Lords, edit

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