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Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert are now diplomats

The defeat of two Lambert brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas Lambert was little surprising to many, but it was more strange when the two brothers accepted the defeat quietly without challenging the published result. They were candidates from President Martelly's Tèt Kale Party (PHTK) banner in the second round of the last election from South-East Haiti.

The brothers are infamous for their stubborn commanding attitude. In February 2011, the U.S Drug Enforcement department hinted Joseph's involvement in the narcotic trade. On May 14, 2014, one businessman cum political activist from Jacmel had claimed that Joseph Lambert appointed 8 heavily armed men to kill him.

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Joseph ak Wencesclas Lambert kounye a diplomat apre defet yo

Defèt frè Lambert yo nan eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti te yon sipriz pou anpil moun.

Sepandan, sa ki te plis etone se te ak kalm relatif ak fasilite ke tou de, Joseph Lambert ak Wincesclass Lambert, te aksepte defèt yo. Rezon ki fè sa te pwobableman paske yo te gen kèk garanti ke tout bagay ta vire soti bon. Kounye a li evidan bagay yo byen pou yo tou de. Nou apran ke de mesye sa yo kounye a fè pati diplomasi ayisyen an. Dapre yon sous ou fè konfyans , Joseph Lambert jwenn nominasyon nan tèt Anbasad ayisyen nan Santo Domingo. Wencesclas Lambert menm l 'la pral an chaj nan Konsila ayisyen an nan Il Tirk ak Kayiko. An tout ka, sa pa twò mal pou de kandida ki jis pèdi nan yon gro eleksyon. Sa a se yon konpansasyon jenere paske yo te jwè an ekip

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Joseph Lambert strategically placing himself to win

The Lambert brothers, Joseph and Wincesclass Lamber, were defeated in the last legislative election in Haiti. It will be strange not to hear a Lambert represent the Sud-Est. Joseph lambert attributed his lost to some 4,000 of his votes that were not counted in Cote-de-Fer. Even more surprising is the attitude adopted by Joseph Lambert to accept the election results and not to challenge the votes.

What should we make of this?

Why has a political animal such as Joseph Lambert decided to react that way?

What does he have under his sleeves?

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Joseph Lambert accused of pistol-whipping Wesnel Jeudi

Joseph Lambert is an example of how far up in the Haitian government corruption goes, right to the top. Lambert, acting as President Martelly's advisor, has saved him from multiple prosecutions for corruption activities.

Lambert, running for a senate seat, ignores the requirement he must possess a certificate of discharge to be a candidate. Recently he pistol-whipped Wesnel Jeudi, and has been connected to drug-trafficking, abduction, and murder cases. Parliamentarian immunity has saved him from prosecution.

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Joseph Lambert, Wenceslaus Lambert Now Under Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK)

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Joseph Lambert, once President Martelly's political adviser and a former Senator have submitted his nomination to contest for the Senate from the Southeast under the banner of President Martelly's the Haitian Tèt Kale Party (PHTK).

He was accompanied by dozens of supporters and his brother, former Senator Wencesclass Lambert, who also registered himself as a candidate for the Senate. Their names already exist in the list of the Southeast Departmental Electoral Office (BED). We may remember that once in February 2011, the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration hinted Joseph's involvement in the narcotic trade; however, their reports revealed, his parliamentary immunity is providing him protection. On May 14, in the last year, one Jacmel Businessman and political activist claimed Joseph Lambert attempted to kill him by appointing eight heavily armed men. Are they few tips of the iceberg?

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Driver Of Joseph Lambert, Floresthal Romain, Shot Dead In Belle-Anse

On the Sunday afternoon, April 5, 2015, when Floresthal Romain (31), one of the drivers of the former senator, Joseph Lambert, was performing his duty on a Ford pickup at Baie d'Orange, first communal section of Belle-Anse in the community of Fond Jean Noel, was killed by three unknown assailants.

It seems that the driver was taken to the remote place where he was killed either forcefully or by someone he trusted. He had received two bullets-- one on his shoulder and one on the head. The driver Romain had worked with the Senator Lambert for last 15 years and the Senator has described him as a very close confidant aide, like a friend, brother and colleague. Senator Lambert is a Presidential advisor and a candidate in the forthcoming election. The South East department, where the driver was killed is a place known for goons, an area of terror, more during the elections.

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Pierre Esperance rejects questions on integrity in affair Joseph Lambert and Edo Zenny

As they've made it their mission to question the goings on of any and all individuals, entities or even the government as they relate to issues of human rights and justice, it is a point of irony that the RNDDH, (The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights) has, itself, been called out on the integrity of its dealings in the affair concerning former Senator, Joseph Lambert and current Senator, Edwin Zenny.

The organization had received the official testimony against the senators and the accusation is that the RNDDH has been subjective and have delineated towards a decidedly partisan opinion. The two senators were accused of being directors of the Kakos criminal syndicate. Their accuser, Sherlson Sanon, gave a testimony that was notarized, stating that Zenny and Lambert had issued him orders to commit various crimes including electoral fraud, drug trafficking and murder.

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Sherlson Sanon Exposes Two Presidential Advisors as Drug Lords,

Former criminal operative, Sherlson Sanon, testified about his involvement in KAKOS, a crime syndicate, before the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH). His testimony implicated ex-Senator Joseph Lambert as his mentor, who drafted the then-11year-old Sanon into a life of crime.

Lambert persuaded Sanon to quit school, telling him a diploma would not get him what he wanted--money. Lambert educated the youngster as a drug runner, with special training as a cocaine expert. Sanon's education included the use of weapons, vehicles, and personal tools of the trade.

Sherlson Sanon also implicated Government Commissioner, Lenny Thelisma, whom Sanon says received several shipments of drugs in Carrefour Fleuriot. What is particularly disturbing about Joseph Lambert and Thelisma is both are advisors to President Michel Martelly.

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Shelton Sanon claims Joseph Lambert approached him for Deputies assassination

A man named Sherlton Sanon of Jacmel, Haiti, appeared in front of a public notary on Monday 1st July 2013, and to everyone's surprise, made an official statement in which he claimed that he was involved in a murder plot of two Parliamentarians. The assassination was scheduled for April 29. Sanon also claimed that he been approached by and was requested for the assassination by the current advisor of President Michel Martelly, Joseph Lambert. Joseph Lambert was also the former Senator of Haiti. What motivated Sherlton Sanon to make this public confession is still not known.

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Joseph Lambert responded to charges leveled against him by Sherlson Sanon - Live Video

The presidential adviser and former Senator Southeast Joseph Lambert is back fighting for his reputation after the accusations of Sherlson Sanon that Mr. Lambert would be part of a gang involved in violent crimes and drug trafficking.

He said that the individual in question represent yet another attempt to kill him politically, especially on the eve of new elections in which he intends to participate.

The former Senator Southeast replied to implicating the Executive Director and program manager of the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), Pierre Esperance and Marie Yolene Gilles, accusing them of being behind this to discredit him. He criticizes the RNDDH, naming the rape case against Mr. Josué Pierre-Louis.

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