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Mr. Karl Jean-Louis, head of Investment Facilitation Center (CFI)

As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has been scrambling to recover from 2010's earthquake. Many sectors need investment, among them agriculture, energy, housing, and tourism. The need for investment dollars is great and the Investment Facilitation Center (CFI) a vital component to repairing the infrastructure and improving the economy.

CFI's aim is to cultivate relationships with private investors and drive them to developing investment opportunities throughout the island. Working with the local Chambers of Commerce, CFI will collaborate with investors to develop initiatives for local projects with significant growth potential.

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Mr. Karl Jean-Louis, Head of the Investment Facilitation Center (CFI)

Haiti is a country of hidden treasures, and recently of smart investment opportunities. This is what the country's Investment Facilitation Center has been promoting for the past six years since its creation in the year 2006. The autonomous institution encourages the private sector both inside and outside Haiti in investing on Haiti and assisting the country's government in its projects. To date, CFI has already been able to help more than a hundred companies in successfully establishing themselves in Haiti, which are valued to be around 900 million U.S. dollars. It boasts its advantage as the perfect investment opportunity in the Caribbean because investors are in turn fully supported by the government.

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CFI Director Karl Jean-Louis Seeks Investment Opportunities for Haiti

Karl Jean-Louis, Director of Investment Facilitation Center (CFI), recently opened an office in Cap-Haïtien. Jean-Louis wants to attract a group of multi-lingual, capable, and committed professionals to provide resources, research, and act on investment opportunities as they appear. He wants the CFI to be proactive, productive, and develop working relationships with the great north Chamber of Commerce.

The CFI's goal is to highlight local projects in the great north and east regions of Haiti, ripe for investment. To this end, CFI intends to nurture potential investors and steer them towards developing investment opportunities in local areas. The Cap-Haïtien Chamber of Commerce's role is to assist both CFI and potential investors to develop initiatives for investment opportunities and oversee them as they progress.

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