Long After humiliation and insult, Minister Fresner Dorcin resigns

Following the footsteps of the minister of Communication Rotchild Francois Jr, Minister Fresner Dorcin also handed his resignation letter to Prime Minister Evans Paul. The reason for for his resignation is unknown.


Many people think that the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture is long overdue. Recently, he was in the middle of a controversy where according to some sources Minister Fresner Dorcin was both verbally and physically insulted by Kiko St Remy who is the brother of Haiti First Lady, Sophia Martelly. According to some people, he was hit many time for not providing a satisfactory sum of money to the Kiko.

What do you think?

Has Minister Fresner Dorcin been able to salvage his reputation with this resignation?

Do you think he should have resigned long ago?

Is there a character problem?

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Shime Leroy says...

avec lag moin realiser que dans la vie ca gain de bagaille ou besoin realiser ce prend pose sans honte et puis ce piu gain ge chech lsi li te gain on plan on budget li pa te ca couri sana li pa realiser LA MISERE PAS DOUCE le ou commencer grand noun ce pi raid ou pedi force ou pa ca gounin ou pas souffi

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Subject: Long After humiliation and insult, Minister Fresner Dorcin resigns edit

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