Human Trafficking a 32 Billion Dollars Industry

A United Nations report on human trafficking reveals the shocking scope and severity of the problem.


Figures state approximately 2.5 million of the world's population is recruited into forced labor in any given time frame. Of this number, 1.4 million are in South Asia. Overall, 80% of them are used in sexual slavery and 17% in forced labor. The industry of human trafficking yields $32 billion yearly.

Human traffickers claim jobs are available in a given field, often placing classifieds tempting young and desperate women. Once there, they will be forced into prostitution, or sold as sexual slaves to third parties. The age of most human trafficking victims ranges from late teens into mid-twenties.

Impoverished parents, with too many mouths to feed, sell their children to recruiters for slave operations. If these children become prostitutes, their life span is only seven years.

Human trafficking extends into U.S. residential neighborhoods. Recruitment takes place in secrecy until neighbors suspect something and call police. During the process, 95% of victims are subjected to physical and/or sexual abuse.

The United Nations is urging governments world-wide to triage human trafficking cases. They want recruiters, smugglers, and sellers to be arrested and convicted. As of now, only pimps and sexual-slavery brothel owners have been prosecuted and convicted.

A low percentage of police agencies (10%) have implemented methods to undercover human trafficking and process it through the judicial system. In spite of the United Nation's report on human trafficking, the agency has attracted a paltry $47,000 from the international community to deal with the problem.

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