Jean-Bertrand Aristide facing money laundering, drug trafficking Charges

Civil court judge Raymond Jean Michel reported the former Haitian president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, has three major accusations against him. The charges are money laundering, corruption and illicit drug trafficking.


He has been banned by judge Lamarre Belizaire from leaving Haiti as the probe is going on. Beside Jean Bertrand Aristide, several key people in his administrations also can't leave the country

According to the report, this investigation covers a long period of time, starting in 2005. It has been said that during the Government of Jean Bertrand Aristide, millions of dollars had been misappropriated from Public fund in Haiti.

I just have one question: Why all these now?

Does it have anything to do with politic?

Now that the government is unable to organize election in Haiti, are we seeing some heavy duty fights?

Now, suppose that some would blame the Lavalas Party for preventing election in Haiti, do you think this is one tactic to exercise pressure?

Does anyone remember how hard some fought to prevent Jean Bertrand Aristide from coming back to Haiti?

This is the kid of things that woud meke one say:


Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann.......

Mezanmi, sanble se tout bon Titide nan Cho.

An Ayiti, depi ou tande bagay la nan Leta, ou met konnin ou na pronlem. Se konsa mwin tade ke yo mete yon seri de fado sou do nom yo bay pou Aristide la, Mwin pa kwè li kapab pote li non. Yon kote, yo di ke Nom lan te nan vave lajan sal. Yon lot kote, yo di ke li te nan bagay drog.

Yo interdi Titid pou li kite payi-a. Eske Titid te di moun ke li gin intensyon pati? Pou jan nom sa te kriye pou li te tounin na peyi-li?

Eh, Eh, hey!

Ou KWè se pa yon bagay politk?

Ou kwè se pa andioze yape andioze li?

Ou kwe__ se pa dife ke yo ape mete anba Dèyè misie pou li kite eleksyon yo fet?

Eske nou sonje komam zot te goumin pou Titid pa te retounin an Ayiti?

Ou kwè Titid ta va ale fè bet li pou li pran yon Jè prizin an Ayiti?

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Subject: Jean-Bertrand Aristide facing money laundering, drug trafficking Charges edit

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