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Gabriel Fortune promised to replace all latrines with flushing toilets in Les Cayes

On Monday, April 2, 2016 the former Senator Jean Gabriel Fortuné stated that once he become mayor of the city of Cayes, he will eliminate all latrines there and replace them with flushing toilets. He wants his city to be the first in the nation that will allow separation between the people and their excreta. Jean Gabriel Fortuné currently doesn't hold any official position. He is still hoping to be heading the municipality of Les Cayes which has not happened so far. The CEP has not published the results of the municipal elections in the area yet; however if the plan to replace all latrines with flushing toilets is implemented this will revolutionize the health sector of the city.

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New latrines in Haitian village of Los Palmas

One of the most pressing problems Haiti faces is its lack of fresh drinking water and proper sanitation facilities. These factors combined with the fallout of the 2010 earthquake, the cholera epidemic, created a perfect storm, which only recently is Haiti starting to get under control. The death toll since 2010 has been over 8,500 lives.

Cholera is transmitted through dirty water, and has been a huge problem because water sanitation systems in Haiti are scarce. In addition, in a country of 10 million, 75% do not have a toilet in their homes, using open fields to defecate in.

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New latrine and hand washing stations in Thomonde, Haiti

The activity of washing hands became more than just a routine matter of hygiene in Thomonde recently. It became a symbolic gesture to emphasize the impending end of the epidemic of cholera and other intestinal diseases that has plagued the country for far too long.

A community got together and washed hands, inaugurating the newly built latrine and station for hand washing built in Thomonde village at the Rezo Koze Lasante clinic. It was to coincide with the activities for World Hand Washing Day and was funded by the AmeriCares Haiti foundation. The construction was a step in the bigger project of making the health care of the community better so as to stem the tide of transmission of these diarrheal diseases.

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