Anse-a-Veau in Nippes Department

Within the Department of Nippes, sits the Anse-à-Veau Arrondissement. Five hamlet-like villages comprise Anse-à-Veau: Arnaud, L'Asile, Petit-Trou-des-Nippes, and Plaisance-du-Sud.


Anse-à-Veau has a population estimated to be between 31,000-55,000. Founded in 1721 as a cityship, it lies below left of Ile Gonave and an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Three sub-divisions make up Anse-à-Veau: Grande-Rivière-Joly, Sault-des-Baril-Moinsard, and Baconnois-Grand-Fond.

Following Haiti's magnitude 7.0 2010 earthquake, which reduced most of Haiti to rubble, thousands upon thousands of Port-au-Prince survivors overflowed Anse-à-Veau, severely straining its people and services.

Anse-à-Veau's main income-producing activities are agriculture and fishing. Farmlands produce coffee, sugarcane, lemons, and oranges, and use sustainability practices. Cotton-growing also takes place. The small-craft fishing industry plies its trade along Anse-à-Veau's coastline.

The town suffers from the same infrastructure weakness as many small communities do in Haiti. Its road system is so run-down as to be nearly impossible to drive on. The majority of them remain unpaved, and people complain incessantly about their tires wearing out too quickly. But road projects are being started by a non-government organization, American Haitian Foundation (AHF). AHF is also involved in building schools and churches, and they have implemented a school lunch program for primary- school children.

Anse-à-Veau is bereft of an airport, so travelers must drive to Les Cayes Airport, the closest one to the town. Further away are Perry Municipal Airport and Port-au-Prince International Airport.

It has produced many notable citizens, among them painter Laurent Casimir and President Fabre Geffrard.

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