Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, elections no later than early 2015

Finally responding to the spate of questions surrounding the date for the Haitian elections, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said that people could count on the elections to be held no later than early 2015. The opportunity will come, he explained, after the six senators accused of holding the elections "hostage" will no longer be able to do so as their terms will have come to an end.


The long-awaited elections remains postponed due to the failure of the Haitian Senate to organize a vote for the proposed electoral law. While Prime Minister Lamothe says the country can be assured of an election by early next year if the standstill continues, he expressed hope that it will not come to that.

The current administration has been in power three years longer than the constitution would allow without a vote, the devastation following the 2010 earthquake putting paid to political progress for an extended period of time. Some have speculated that the delay was a ploy of the administration to extend their rule, but now Lamothe promises that if the elections are not held before 2014 is finished, it will take place within the first three months of 2015. As of January 12, 2015, the six senators will no longer have a stranglehold on the vote.

While the accused six remain adamant they are defending the constitution, not holding up the elections, the delay has caused great frustrated in the country. The elections will determine the 99 members of the Chamber of Deputies, the 30-member Senate and many other local posts. The delay has also caused pressure from international entities such as the UN and the United States.

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