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Lamothe calls travel ban arbitrary, illegal, abusive, done for publicity

In a press release, the office of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe denounced the decision taken recently by Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to issue a travel ban to his administration. According to the former Prime Minister, this decision is arbitrary, illegal and abusive; taken in flagrant violation of the Constitution and the International Covenant on Human Rights. He continues to say that these former officials are only justiciable in front of the High Court of Justice. He called the act: " Political intimidation" by a Government Commissioner eager for publicity at the expense of legal principles

What do you think?

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Laurent Lamothe, Evans Paul, 13 Ministers hit with travel ban

There is an effort to clean the house and it seems that no one is protected. At least 13 former Ministers have been prohibited from leaving the country. From Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to Evans Paul and to over a douzen former ministers under the government of Michel Martelly, they all have to answer to the court before they can leave Haiti.

Here is the list of former Minister banned:
- Jean François Thomas, Former Environment Minister
- Jacques Rousseau, Minister of Public Works
- Stephanie Balmyr Vildrouin, Ministry of Tourism
- Florence Duperval Guillaume, Minister of Public Health
- Olicier Pieriche, Ministry of Haitians Living the abroad,
- Lener Renaud, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence
- Yverose Morquette, Women condition
- Jude Hervé Day Trade
- Ariel Henry, ministries of Interior and social Affairs,
- Pierre Richard Casimir of Foreign Affairs and justice
- Rothchild Francis Junior communication.

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FLASH - Bureau of Commissioner Danton leger vandalized, three key files stolen

We just learned that the bureau of the Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger was vandalized by people non identified. They took away with them three of the most important files that the commissioner has been working on, including: the current file of Laurent Lamothe, Wilson Laleau and the file regarding the boat where cocaine and heroine were found in sugar shipment.

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Laurent Lamothe and Wilson Laleau invited to Parquet

Government Commissioner Danton Leger is once again making waves. He has invited both former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and former Finance Minister Wilson Laleau to appear in front of him next week. the chief prosecutors of Port-au-Prince wants to audition former Prime Minister Lamothe on his management of the PetroCaribe funds and also 5 billion gourdes released following hurricane Sandy .

Both former government officials are scheduled for next week. Wilson Laleau is invited to the Parque next Monday at 10:00 a.m. and Mr. Laurent Lamothe, on Tuesday at 10 am

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Laurent Lamothe against Olivier Martelly's involvement in stadium project

Laurent Lamothe admitted that he was against the nomination of Olivier Martelly, the son of President Michel Martelly to head a commission with the objective to supervise construction and renovation works of various parks and stadiums in the country. He judged that this was not useful; however, this position created lots of enemies for him, including people very close to the President

By the was, according to Laurent Lamothe in an interview given recently, his relationship with President Michel Martelly is not what it was when he was Prime Minister. Their relationship has taken a turn for the worst.

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Laurent Lamothe Officially In the Race for Presidency of Haiti

Laurent Lamothe, the former Haitian Prime Minister who was forced to resign from his post amid political standoff in last December, has finally submitted his nomination on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, to run for its presidency under the banner of platform Peyizan. He was accompanied by a few hundred supporters who chanted and cheered as he arrived by a motorcade at the port-au-Prince electoral office. This was a much anticipated and to some extent a surprised move (because of his repeated denial) came less than three hours before the Wednesday registration deadline and a day-long of legal scrambling.

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Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe, the betrayal

I saw this quote one day and I want to share it with you: "Those who don't know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal". I think this is probably what former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is feeling at this time. Having been in so many struggle with Michel Martelly, now that he wants his help, he could not get it.

According to president Michel Martelly, betrayal is out of the question when it comes to his relationship with Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. " I don't have any problem with Laurent lamothe" said Martelly in the interview given to Le Nouvelliste. "I could never think that Lamothe woud think that I betrayed him. I think that the people around Lamothe who want power could make him think that I betrayed him.

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Martelly to Lamothe, you could not be my candidate

It is either too hard to believe, coming from a good friend or it seems like a joke, but I don't think that Laurent Lamothe believed his good friend and former business partner Michel Martelly when he told him that he would not support him if he wants to run for president.

President Michel Martelly came out of his silence to make some interesting statements. His most important one had to do with his best friend Laurent lamothe and his wife, Sophia Martelly. In an interview given to newspaper Le Nouvelliste, President Martelly stated that it is not a secret that he doesn't support the candidacy of Laurent lamothe or Sophia martelly.

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Who doesn't want Laurent lamothe in the Presidential race?

My children would often tell me" " dad, that is not fair" and I often respond to them that life was never fair, just deal with it. However, in the case of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, not only he's been crying that life is not fair since the BDED has rejected his candidacy for president, but he doesn't think that he can continue to live if the decision is not changed.

Lamothe and his team has mounted a well organized public campaign to sell his side of the story. Whether it is on Radio stations, at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Port-au-Prince , in the Haitian diaspora; Lamothe, Former Minister Michel Brunache are all over the airwave, crying "abuses and injustices"

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There will be no Election without Laurent Lamothe

At least, this has been the slogan on the camp of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe who has decided to challenge the decision of the BCED to keep him from running for President of Haiti. According to the former Prime Minister, some other candidates in the same situation got their OK, why him. The decision of the electoral judges to block him is "Political.

For the first time, Lamothe is showing his ability to fight. He has decided to go full force to gain the right to participate in the next presidential election. In a news conference, he stated that he wants to show the arbitrary nature of the electoral council.

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