Laurent Lamothe at the 6th Summit of the Americas in Colombia

The designated prime minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe is to be attending the 6th summit of the Americas in Colombia on behalf of the president Michel. The summit is organized by the Organization of American States (OAS) and this year it is dedicated to the integration and the economic prosperity of the region. The president was scheduled to go for the summit but due to the surgery he had on his right shoulder earlier last week he canceled the trip on recommendation of his doctors. Though the president has recovered, going for the trip would jeopardize his recovery and interfere with his therapy sessions.


The 6th Summit of the Americas in Colombia will give Laurent Lamothe the platform to promote the concept of business diplomacy for the development of Haiti. . "Globally, I think that the meeting went well, and now, we will go to the official opening of the Summit of America where we will do our best to defend the interests of Haiti" Laurent had said. The summit will be of great help to Haiti as the country will be helped by fellow members of organization in its reconstruction process.

Cuba will not be attending the summit as it is boycotting. Nicaragua and Ecuador have also joined Cuba in the boycott. Several issues will be discussed at this Sixth Summit among others: the controversial proposal to decriminalize cocaine advocated by Guatemala or the idea of a reintegration of Cuba in the Summit of the Americas, provided that this country adheres to the Democratic Charter of the organization.

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