PM Laurent Lamothe Circumvents Article 98.3 of Haiti Constitution

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's Prime Minister, has become increasingly unpopular in Parliament. On January 8th, 2013, Lamothe attempted to read the balance sheet of Haiti's budget for 2012 and present the proposed budget for 2013, before an assembly of Parliament. Among those present were all ministries of the government of Haiti, the diplomatic staff, and other government officials.


As Lamothe began his budget presentation, an outburst of hostilities erupted from a minority partisan group, Parliamentarians for Institutional Strengthening (PRI). They interfered with Lamothe's presentation, ringing bells, blowing police whistles, and heckling him. Unable to continue, he stepped away from the deafening clamor in the legislative chambers, and submitted the budgets directly to the Office of the National Assembly (ONA). He declared he was fulfilling "the requirements of the Constitution" by doing so.

Senator Pierre Exius protests Lamothe has not fulfilled the requirements of the Constitution. He insists Lamothe must present his budgets before Parliament before he can file them with the ONA. Exius attacks the ONA for allowing Lamothe to file the documents despite the fact he had not presented them to Parliament. Exius suggests the Prime Minister should resign. At the very least, he feels, Parliament should begin an investigation into Lamothe's violation of Article 98.3.

PRI's frustration originated in Lamothe's ignoring their overtures to release funding for their objectives, already budgeted for 2012. Head of PRI Sadrac Dieudonné says they will continue to disrupt legislative sessions until Lamothe relents and releases funds to the PRI community.

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Subject: PM Laurent Lamothe Circumvents Article 98.3 of Haiti Constitution edit

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