Joel Edouard Vorbe, member of Lavalas Party

After suffering major damage to the C4 and C5 bones of his vertebrae, Lavalas party member, Joel Edouard Vorbe could have given up on life and the pursuit of progress. Born with all his faculties intact, it took a bullet, fired by a gunman who also took the life of Vorbe's step-father in the same outdoor assault, to rob an ambitious, young pastry chef of his dream.


Joel Edouard Vorbe was born in 1975 and knew quickly what he wanted to do with his life. He would study at the Institute Saint Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince, before studying the culinary arts and hospitality management in France. After four years as a student, Vorbe returned to Haiti and worked in his chosen career until the incident which robbed him of the use of all his limbs.

Now a quadriplegic, Vorbe underwent eighteen rigorous and painful months of physical therapy in the United States before returning home and finding a new purpose for his life. With the assistance of his wife, Angela, Vorbe donned a new hat, one of an entrepreneur, and became the proud owner of his own establishment.

Today, Joel Edouard Vorbe's work as a contractor, which he has excelled at for a decade now, has been an important step in the re-development of some of his skills and confidence as well as the creation of new confidence and skills such as his keen leadership ability. In the company, with his wife and partner by his side, Vorbe has found a new niche. Not weighed down by assignment to a specific task, he is free to use initiative as his guide, akin to a master pastry chef baking without instructions.

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