Rudy Hériveaux tried to take over Fanmi Lavalas during Aristide's exile

Lavalas Extremists Accuse Senator Heriveaux of Spying for the U.S. The story of Haitian Communications Minister Rudy Heriveaux's battle to seize party leadership in the Senate was revealed by Wiki Leaks diplomatic cables released recently. Heriveaux began as a Family Lavalas (FL) deputy; and after Aristide was deposed in 2004 Heriveaux broke ranks with the extremist faction of the party, moved to center, and distanced himself from Aristide. Heriveaux campaigned for a senate seat in 2006 against 54 candidates from 28 parties. In the first round of voting he landed in seventh place. If not for second-place winner Mirlande Manigat's decision to drop out, Heriveaux never would have gotten to sixth place, eligible to be in the run-off. He took second place in the run-off, winning his senate seat, achieving for Lavalas its loftiest position in Parliament.


Once in the Senate, Heriveaux's desire to work with President Preval was blocked by his avoidance of anything remotely connected to Aristide. Heriveaux then took a bold step. He and FL parliament group tried to reunite with the FL base to achieve leadership roles in Parliament, but were spurned by FL factions wanting Aristide's return to Haiti. The radical FL members accused Heriveaux of spying for the U.S. Senator Desras has said ". . . the Executive Committee and a good majority of the party are miffed at Senator Heriveaux for his arbitrary claim to party leadership following Aristide's departure." He added "Senator Heriveaux's history shows he is not a true Lavalassian . . ."

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Subject: Rudy Heriveaux tried to take over Fanmi Lavalas during Aristide's exile edit

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