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Goudou Goudou Has Become a Vocabulary to Mean "Quake" In Haiti

January 12, 2010 will be remembered forever by every Haitian in the world. This is the day that a great earthquake struck most places in Haiti. The victims of the earthquake say that they heard the Goudou Goudou and within no time everything had turned into a sort of hell. Goudou Goudou is an onomatopoeic name that Haitians have come to refer to the sound made by the quake. They say that the ground shake and the falling of buildings coupled with moans gave the sound similar onomatopoeic Goudou Goudou.

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Green Energy Vocational Training to Start in Leogane Fall 2012

Among the many organizations devoting time, energy and funding to help Haiti re-develop and bring it into the 21st century is the University of Colorado at Boulder's (UCB) Mechanical Engineering Department. The department's project, offered to give graduate and undergraduate students experience in the field, is the design of a green energy vocational training program, for the Mon P'tit Village School in Léogâne, Haiti.

The UCB Sustainable Energy Team went on a fact-finding mission to Léogâne this January pas,t to discover what particular energy needs the local community has, and to design a curriculum to train the Léogâne instructors in green energy conservation. Alan Mickelson and Mike Hannigan, both professors of Mechanical Engineering, collaborated with two grad and three undergrad students to produce a certificate program in sustainable energy.

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Green energy vocational training program in Leogane, Haiti

Haiti is one of the poorest countries around its region of location. It has for a very long time suffered greatly from bad governance which has been transferred from one generation to another with little success at cubing it. Natural calamities have not given the country a chance either the recent 2010 earthquake being a very good example of what they have been doing to the country. It is for this reason that there has been dire need for a good and reliable solution that would change all this.

One of the most advocated for ways to cub this problem is the introduction of Green energy vocational training program in Leogane. This plan is meant to among many other things introduce a source of power for the Neges Foundation so that it can develop a platform for sustainable operations that can allow them to scale up their educational programs for children. This is mainly because education is a vital part of a country`s economy plans for the future. It is estimated that over 25% of the nation`s children do not complete their education since they drop out of school and even universities so as to find jobs that can allow them lead close to normal lives like they all dream of.

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Video Report of Jean-Claude Duvalier visit in Leogane

This is a short report of the visit by Former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier in Leogane.

This video was filmed by Haiti Press Network. Jean-Claude Duvalier with his long-term friend Veronique Roy visiting some old friends. This video also captured interaction between the former Haitian president with the people in the streets.

Duvalier also took the time to pose with some children for photo opportunities.

I can not help it but watching this video of Jean-Claude Duvalier in the streets of Port-au-Prince took me back to Haiti somes years back.

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George Clooney organized Hope for Haiti Now Telethon

Considered to be the biggest event since Live Aids concert, George Clooney rallies most of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to produce Hope for Haiti Now Telethon. Specifically, hundred and forty of the biggest names in Music, movies, and politic joined host George Clooney for the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon.

On January 12, 2010, Haiti was hit by an earthquake magnitude 7.0. The epicentre was located in the city of Leogane, some 16 miles west of the Haiti capitgal Port-au-Prince. However, the earthquake caused damages in several Haitian cities, in particular, Port-au-Prince, and Leogane

The Hope for Haiti Now Telethon featured artists such as Madona, Rihana, String, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Coldplay and Sheryl. Also a list of celebrities such as former president Bill Clinton, Leonard DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman and Samiel L. Jackson participated in addressing the audience.

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How is the City of Leogane doing after Haiti Earthquake?

The town in Haiti that receives the most damages in the earthquake is not Port au Prince, but Leogane. The city of Leogane is situated about 20 miles outside of Port-au-Prince. The city was near the epicenter of Haiti's catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake.

Some 80 percent of Leogane was destroyed, but at the Lamb Center Ministries' Children Center Home, they're still singing about joy.

The people of Leogane has little hope that the Haitian Government along with the International community will help rebuilt their city.

The international community delivers USAID-donated cooking oil, flour, peas and bulgur to about 7,000 people a day. Over several days, they provide everyone in camps in Leogane with food rations that should last for a month.

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