US to Haiti, you want another election? you pay for it

The United States has suspended its financial assistance toward the completion of the presidential election process in Haiti and made it clear that they will not give even a penny for the Oct. 9 rerun election. According to State Department spokesman John Kirby on Thursday, "We did not plan funding for two more electoral rounds in 2016 and 2017". Mr Kirby explained in his news briefing that the suspension of electoral aid did not mean a reduction in U.S. support for various development projects in Haiti.


This is not a shock to the Haitian authorities. Instead it might be welcome even though the government doesn't necessarily have the fund to conduct these elections. The president of the CEP Léopold Berlanger as well as interim President Jocelerme Privert have stated in the past that these elections should be funded by Haitians. Presidential spokesman Serge Simon has stated recently that: "We already made ourselves clear: Haiti will make all effort to find the $55 million to do the elections."

What do you think?

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Mjcasseus says...

II is not normal for a Souverain country to depend from another Souverain country to choose its leaders.

This dependency is what makes all the corruptions in our electoral process..

It would be healthier if Haiti can revert spending for its own

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Mjcasseus says...

It would childish for the authorities in Haiti to think that they can receive money from the US another time after theYwasted 33 millions from the American government for the last year elections that the

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