Radio Kiskeya, Liliane Pierre-Paul, response to Martelly's comments on Caraibes

Liliane Pierre-Paul, President of Association of Haitian Media who is also the host of Radio Kiskeya's 4 o'clock news, responded vigorously to President Michel Martelly's comments in which he compared himself and Liliane Pierre-Paul. Pierre-Paul went up to criticize the disparaging comments made by the Head of the State and his executive team in which the Head of the State belittle her by calling her Ti-Lily. Liliane was elected the President of the Association of Haitian Media by her peers. She opened her criticism with a French proverb "Comparaison n'est pas raison..." which means Comparison is not Right or Comparison Proves Nothing.


Liliane Pierre-Paul clearly differentiate between her name Lily and Head of the State's name Sweet Micky. She said that Sweet Micky is the name that gave Martelly his musical career and his position as Head of the State whereas, Lily is a name that was affectionately given to her by brother during a commercial made by his brother where he said, 'Look at Lily on the Wheel' and that Lily as a name was only adopted by some of her close relatives and people affectionate to her.

Liliane Pierre-Paul said during the criticism that Martelly and his wife came to her during the presidential campaign and then called Lilian as Madame Lily and showed great respects but now, after becoming the Head of the State, Michel Martelly devalues her because that's how he likes to measure people. Liliane pointed out two more incidents where Martelly tried to shame her through speech and action. She called the executive team of the Head of the State "Spineless" as they don't know how to advice Martelly about speaking right and wrong. She said Martelly violated article 7 of Haitian Constitution by using cult of personality.

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Subject: Radio Kiskeya, Liliane Pierre-Paul, response to Martelly's comments on Caraibes edit

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