Louis Dejoie, The policy of the earth

It is more than a bit contrary, and also quite ironic, that, for a country with so many of its great leaders and people of note from the past such as Louis Dejoie and present sharing a common career as agronomists, Haiti's governments have been wholly neglectful of the dire need for improvements to the agricultural industry, improvements which could have done well towards sustaining and nourishing the well-being of the Haitian people who now struggle to find so much.


Senator Louis Dejoie had said, during the 1957 election campaigns, that the consequence of the country's past neglect of its farmers was the 'food drain' now being experienced, where able farmers, desperately needed to play their role in the agricultural cycle to sustain Haiti, were seeking work in other countries, growing the crops so hard to find in their own homes. Through their departure, a second cycle prevails, that of Haiti's dependency on foreign aid and export, the former taxing on national pride, the latter on resources.

This precariousness is evident even before the danger to our sovereignty comes into play. With an expanding population, a continued failure to feed the citizens and an increased dependency of foreign aid, is there cause for concern of a threat to the country's independence? The Monroe Doctrine might seem a veritable shield against such an eventuality, but one only has to remember Haiti's past with Germany to start fearing that even the American watch dog sometimes fails to protect.

We hold in great esteem the men of our past who knew the field and spoke earnestly about the importance of modernization. Now that we see what the refusal to heed these words has wrought, what stops us from moving forward?

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