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Miami Dolphins Louis Delmas glad to be back in North Miami, among Haitians

Born to Haitian parents, American footballer Louis Delmas spent much of his early life living among the people who could teach him, through their practices and culture, a little of what his parents' country is like. Now, after many years living where his career allowed, Delmas is finally back in North Miami, and it seems he could not be more happy and comfortable with the move.

After having spent his first five seasons in the American National Football League (NFL), Delmas was eager to find somewhere where he was more comfortable. The state of Florida has America's largest population of Haitians, and so, while in free agency in early 2014, Delmas considered the State for his next move.

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Louis Delmas, professional football player for the Detroit Lions

Louis Delmas is one of the Haitian born stars in the American football teams. He was born in America but his parents were from Haiti who had moved into the states in one of the many political imbalances that used to rock the country during the early years. He has been able to present a great show of abilities in the football games where he has had a great career ever since being drafted into the Detroit national football team.

In his young years Louis Delmas attended school at Miami Beach high school where he had joined the school team and where he began nurturing his career and talent. He was able to easily make the best of it until eventually he got so good at it he just had to be drafted into the 2009 NFL draft.

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