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Fanmi Lavalas demands the resignation of Evans Paul as Prime Minister

Call it what you want, but The Fanmi Lavalas of Jean Bertrand Aristide doesn't want anything to do with Evans Paul. The political party is asking for the resignation of the newly installed Prime Minister.

Is the what many would qualify as getting even. As you may remember, Evans Paul was one of the leaders of the GNB movement in 2004 that contributed in the downfall of former President Jean Bertrand Artisde.

According to former Lavalas Senator Louis Gérald Gilles, his political party does not recognize the choice of Evans Paul, as Prime Minister. He added, if Evans Paul does not resign, Fanmi Lavalas will also demand the resignation of President Martelly as well

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Jean-Bertrand Aristid is Back, will have major speech next Month

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that former Haitian President, Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide will come out of his silence to deliver his first major speech since returned in Haiti. It has been five Months since his return and the Lavalas leader has kept a low profile for for five Months. All that is to end next Month when Jean-Bertrand Aristide will deliver his first major speech in Haiti since.

According to Former Senator Louis Gerald Gilles, Former President Aristide will deliver his speech during a ceremony in October to inaugurat the expansion of his University. No exact date for the speech was announced.

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