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City of Marigot & the European Union Partnership

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, the City of Marigot, a municipality in the the Jacmel Arrondissement, in the South-East Department of Haiti, has entered into a partnership with the IRADEL (Institute for Research and Support for Local Development) and the Delegation of the European Union in Haiti to launch a project for supporting the development in local areas including the enhancement of the capacity of the local civic authorities and people's access to basic amenities. The City of Marigot as per 2003 Census has an inhabitant of 50,734. Initial funding for the project will be provided by the European Union to the tune of €485,000.
The project has been designed to improve the capacity of the local authority in such a way that it can offer more efficient services to the inhabitants, the level of public services can be improved and different stakeholders involved in the community services can be engaged in the spirit of a participatory management through dialogue. It has aimed to implement five micro projects such as: (a) support for activities related to the breeding of fish, goat and other livestock; (b) rehabilitation of rural roads; (c) protection watersheds; (d) construction of a vocational training center and (e) marketing of agricultural products.

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Daniel Theodore Lost Tooth After Beaten By Wencesclas Lambert

When a political meeting was going on in the town of Marigot on Sunday, 9th March 2014, a young activist named Daniel Théodore, a second year student of agronomy from the Public University of East Jacmel (LIPSEJ) and a delegate of MORACS was attacked by Senator Wencesclas Lambert (South-East). The aggressive assault caused injury and the loss of two teeth to the citizen. The Senator Lambert hit Daniel Theodore twice in the face before many observers who were attending the meeting. As per the Senator's statement the student was at fault because he disrespected his joint authority as a Senator and a Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and vehemently abused him during the middle of a meeting. The student called that the declaration by Senator Lambert is not true. He stood up and outlined the inconsistencies, unkept promises made four years ago (construction of a health center in the area) and raised corruption charges against the Senator.

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Marigot, Sud-Est of Haiti

The little town of Marigot, home to just over 50,000 residents, can be found in the south-east department of Haiti, and has been the recipient of propitious projects geared towards developing those towns in the country's South-East department.

Marigot has been the home of a new communal fishing center since early this year. In February of 2013, Secretary of State for Animal Production, a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Development, Michel Chancy, along with the Secretary of State for Spanish Cooperation, Jesús Gracia Aldaz and Pierre-Guy Lafontant, noted agronomist and the Director-General for Fisheries, Health and Animal Production for the Ministry of Agriculture's Natural Resources and Rural Development arm, hosted the inauguration of the Communal Fishing Center (CCPM), as the second in a series of 5 such centers throughout the southeast.

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Fete Champetre, Major Cultural Event in Haiti

Tourism has been on a substantial descent over the last 20 years. But one series of events, the Fête champêtre, continues to give hope to a struggling industry as tourists, local, from the Diaspora, and international, flock Haiti to witness the countryside festival.

One of the main avenues for entertainment to the 18th century elite, a Fête champêtre (a country feast or pastoral festival) was a type of garden party much loved at court. With pretensions to simplicity, the Fête champêtre was patronized by the well dressed, entertained by musicians hidden in the trees, as they enjoyed the beauty of landscaped park.

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