Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants to finance Haiti Election

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters is definitely on to something. She recently wrote a letter to the House Ethics Committee and Federal Election Commission to ask them if she can contribute to foreign candidates running for office. Not only she is personally interested, she also wants to know if her affiliated political action can be allowed to do so as well.


This is not something small at all and can have huge implication. Let's just look at the proposal, the environment and possible consequences. Don't forget this is a debate, you are free to voice your opinion as well in the comment section:

1) Unlike others who in the past have lobbied behind closed doors or continue to give large sum of money to Haitian candidates in order to tide their hands once in office, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is publicly and legally asking to fund some candidates in the upcoming election in Haiti.

2) If the House Ethics Committee and Federal Election Commission allow gives her the permission, this can actually open a floodgate to allow more foreign influences in Haiti business.

3) On the other hand, this can give foreign investors more confidence to invest in Haiti. With an opportunity to influence election, some with deep pocket will help swing decisions but this time legally.

What do you think?

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Katrina says...

I am thrilled Maxine Waters is asking the right questions.

She is not afraid of the consequences.

We as A people should not only take note, but also follow in her footsteps.

1) She's handling it the right way.
2) We are all related(Black people)
3) It's about time!

Thank you Maxine Waters for being a real sister, showing love and support for our brothers and sisters.

Whether its a positive or negative consequence, you opened the

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