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Will Maxine Waters Influence Haiti Elections?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters may contribute to Haiti Election.

U.S. Congressional member, Representative Maxine Waters, has inquired of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) about the acceptability of making donations to Haitian candidates. Public Citizens', Craig Holman, said he has never heard of such a request coming from a Congressional member. He thinks the FEC may give Waters permission ". . . as long as this doesn't go for personal use."

This August Haiti is holding parliamentary elections, and it is probably too late to affect the outcome. But not the municipal and presidential elections still two months away. Voters will go to the polls on October 25th to cast their ballots.

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants to finance Haiti Election

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters is definitely on to something. She recently wrote a letter to the House Ethics Committee and Federal Election Commission to ask them if she can contribute to foreign candidates running for office. Not only she is personally interested, she also wants to know if her affiliated political action can be allowed to do so as well.

This is not something small at all and can have huge implication. Let's just look at the proposal, the environment and possible consequences. Don't forget this is a debate, you are free to voice your opinion as well in the comment section:

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Maxine Waters Resolution to Honor 210th Anniversary of Haiti's Independence

The Haitian Earthquake is the worst earthquake disaster in recent memory. On the fourth anniversary of this devastating earthquake, Maxine waters, the Congresswoman who is better known as a leading advocate for the Haitian people in the U.S. Congress, introduced a bipartisan resolution to honor the 210th anniversary of Haiti's independence. Ms. Water along with four other members like John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Yvette Clarke and Frederica S. Wilson, have released a statement to honor those affected in that natural disaster in 2010 and salute the strength and resilience of the most vulnerable nation on the Western hemisphere--the Haitian people.

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged Ban Ki-moon (UN) to finance Cholera, "Hispaniola Initiative"

U.S. Congress member, Maxine Waters, recently sent UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, a letter signed by 18 congressional members, regarding the UN's inadequate response to the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

Waters targeted several issues concerning the UN's handling of the epidemic. Overall, Congress is disappointed at the slow pace of recovery, with the UN spending only $23.5 million dollars, or 1% of the $2.2 billion, required by the Hispaniola Initiative. The funding initiative has as its goals making decontaminated drinking water more available, building more sanitation-treatment centers, and ending the epidemic over the next decade.

Ban Ki-moon countered the charges, claiming the UN has provided $140 million-plus dollars in proactively treating victims of the epidemic over three years. He says the level of infection has been lowered 90%, and the death toll stands at only 1% currently.

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U.S. Congressmen urge Ban Ki-Mon to take responsibility for cholera in Haiti

Congresswoman Maxine Waters requested United Nations Secretary General, Honorable Ban Ki-moon to use his influence and his office to make United Nations take the responsibility for cholera introduction in Haiti. This request was sent using a letter that was signed by 19 Congress Members. The letter expressed concerns about the inadequacy of progress made in effectively dealing with cholera epidemic in Haiti. Maxine Waters, through her letter, requested Ban Ki-moon to make United Nation commit towards providing necessary efforts and resources required for supporting the efforts made in response to the cholera epidemic. It is to be noted that Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a very strong advocate of the people of Haiti in U.S. Congress.

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Absenteeism in Parliament is Harming Haiti's Future

Haiti's legislative elections were to have taken place at the end of 2011, but have been stalled by the government of Haiti's (GOH) inability to decree a Permanent Electoral Council (PEC). Presently, a Temporary Electoral Council operates, but has no authority to hold elections.

At the center of the electoral crisis is a high rate of absenteeism occurring in Parliament. A quorum is necessary to carry on business, particularly appointing a PEC. Five senators are out campaigning for votes instead of doing legislative work, which includes appointing a PEC so "free, fair, and inclusive elections" can be held. Bureau Secretary Senator Steven Benoit released the senators' names to the press: Jean William Jeanty, Edwin Daniel Zenny, Wencesclass Lambert, Lucien Derex Pierre-Louis, and Maxime Roumer.

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