Maxine Waters Resolution to Honor 210th Anniversary of Haiti's Independence

The Haitian Earthquake is the worst earthquake disaster in recent memory. On the fourth anniversary of this devastating earthquake, Maxine waters, the Congresswoman who is better known as a leading advocate for the Haitian people in the U.S. Congress, introduced a bipartisan resolution to honor the 210th anniversary of Haiti's independence. Ms. Water along with four other members like John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Yvette Clarke and Frederica S. Wilson, have released a statement to honor those affected in that natural disaster in 2010 and salute the strength and resilience of the most vulnerable nation on the Western hemisphere--the Haitian people.


Maxine Waters has said that as Members of Congress we should be committed to take necessary measures and rebuild a foundation which will be equitable for a sustainable development to Haitian people. The earthquake in January took over 220,000 lives, destroyed an estimated 293,000 homes leaving 1.5 million people in temporary shelters in an environment of violence. Twenty five percents of the civil servants in the capital city were killed, resulting enormous paucity of key service providers, administrators and security people in the country. Seventy five percent of the schools in Port-au-Prince were destroyed.

Since the earthquake of 2010, there were many serious challenges: cholera, food insecurity, displacement--- but the country is slowly recovering. Maxine waters introduced a bipartisan resolution to honor the 210th anniversary of Haiti's independence (H. Resolution. 474). A copy of the resolution was presented to the Haitian President Michel Martelly while he was in Washington, DC to meet the U.S President Barrack Obama and Members of Congress. She has also said that it is the only country that has achieved independence through a successful slave rebellion from France in January 1, 1804. We should feel proud to honor those people who have survived such repression, slavery, natural disasters and have displayed tremendous courage throughout their history for creating a better tomorrow for own families and the country.

During her twelve terms in Congress, Maxine Waters has visited Haiti many times and always has maintained close relation with Haitian political leaders, Haitian civil societies and some of the departments responsible for social and economic developments in Haiti.

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