U.S. Congressmen urge Ban Ki-Mon to take responsibility for cholera in Haiti

Congresswoman Maxine Waters requested United Nations Secretary General, Honorable Ban Ki-moon to use his influence and his office to make United Nations take the responsibility for cholera introduction in Haiti. This request was sent using a letter that was signed by 19 Congress Members. The letter expressed concerns about the inadequacy of progress made in effectively dealing with cholera epidemic in Haiti. Maxine Waters, through her letter, requested Ban Ki-moon to make United Nation commit towards providing necessary efforts and resources required for supporting the efforts made in response to the cholera epidemic. It is to be noted that Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a very strong advocate of the people of Haiti in U.S. Congress.


The letter sent by Maxine Waters included some disturbing figures which stated that since the breakout of cholera epidemic in 2010, over 656,321 cholera cases have been detected and nearly 8,090 deaths have been reported because of the waterborne disease which was introduced into Haiti by the United Nations. The letter also pointed out this epidemic as one of the greatest epidemics in the history of modern world. The letter stated that the conditions are not improving and that the disease is spreading because majority of the Haitian island lacks sanitation infrastructure and people do not have clean water access.

The letter cited that MINUSTAH, the peacekeeping mission of United Nations in Haiti was responsible for the breakout of this epidemic and that the disease started spreading shortly after the arrival of Nepalese peacekeepers of MINUSTAH in Haiti and that Nepal was already dealing with a cholera breakout before the representatives of Nepal arrived in Haiti.

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