Absenteeism in Parliament is Harming Haiti's Future

Haiti's legislative elections were to have taken place at the end of 2011, but have been stalled by the government of Haiti's (GOH) inability to decree a Permanent Electoral Council (PEC). Presently, a Temporary Electoral Council operates, but has no authority to hold elections.


At the center of the electoral crisis is a high rate of absenteeism occurring in Parliament. A quorum is necessary to carry on business, particularly appointing a PEC. Five senators are out campaigning for votes instead of doing legislative work, which includes appointing a PEC so "free, fair, and inclusive elections" can be held. Bureau Secretary Senator Steven Benoit released the senators' names to the press: Jean William Jeanty, Edwin Daniel Zenny, Wencesclass Lambert, Lucien Derex Pierre-Louis, and Maxime Roumer.

According to American Congress member Maxine Waters, without a PEC Haiti cannot hold "free, fair, and inclusive elections". The electoral crisis has upended the GOH, affecting its ability to run an organized and efficient governing body.

The repercussions of the electoral crisis extend to Haiti's reconstruction efforts. Reports have been circulating that U.S. donations for reconstruction post the 2010 earthquake have not been released because of the electoral crisis. This has been an ongoing problem for Haiti: GOH's volatility makes foreign donors skittish about money that may used for illegal purposes instead of what it was intended for.

Maxine Waters summed up the GOH's electoral dilemma saying, "Haiti will never be able to determine its own future until it develops good governance."

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