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Opposition tried unsuccessfully to join Martelly in Champ-de-Mars

Clearly, the opposition was not invited to the big celebration given in Champ-de-Mars by the Martelly supporters. Not only they were not invited, when they tried to participate regardless, they were confronted with tear gas and gun fire.

The manifestation against the government of Michel Martelly was unable to reach Champ-de-Mars as they were expected to clash with the supporters of the president.

The opposition, headed by MOPOD, MONOP and FOPARK attempted to organize their own demonstration that the three years of Michel Martelly in office instead has to do with misery, corruption, decay.

They insist that they will not go to election with Michel Martelly. As the protest headed to Chand-de mars, Police used Tear gas. Manifestant reacted by breaking everything on the way

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