Roro Nelson unable to justify Security provided by six PNH officers

Three days following the end of the government of Michel Martelly, The PNH continues to provide security protection not only to President Michel Martelly, not only to his family but also to someone who did not have an official function at the national palace. As of February 9, 2016 or three days after the end of the government of Michel Martelly, Roro nelson was still enjoying the benefits and privileges for being a close friend of Michel Martelly. As Roro Nelson was enjoying himself on Mardi Gras, the last day of the Carnival season, about 6 Police Officers from the PNH was on duty assuring his protection.


Will they be providing security to Roro Nelson for ever?

Haitian Kreyol

Roro Nelson Pa kapab jistifye Sekirite ke PNH kontinye ape ba li

Twa jou apre fen gouvènman Michel Martelly an, PNH ap kontinye bay pwoteksyon sekirite pa sèlman pou Prezidan Michel Martelly, pa sèlman pou fanmi l 'men tou, yon moun ki pa t' gen yon fonksyon ofisyèl nan palè nasyonal la. T twa jou aprè fen a gouvènman Michel Martelly, Roro Nelson ape toujou jwi benefis ak privilèj ke zanmi pwòch li Martelly te ba li. Pandan ke Roro Nelson te ape jwi kob li nan Mardi gra nan dènye jou sezon kanaval lan, 6 Ofisye Polis ki soti nan PNH toujou ap asire pwoteksyon l '.

Èske Roro Nelson ape gen sekirite pou tout tan?

Ki sa ou panse?

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

this issues should be raise with the head of the

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Subject: Roro Nelson unable to justify Security provided by six PNH officers edit

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