Should Michel Martelly sign a Decree to Discharge his friend Lamothe?

Haitian President Michel Martelly found himself once again between a Rock and a Hard Place with the election issue. All eyes are now looking at him as the time for the candidates interested in running for various elected posts are around the corner.


Before the deadline for the candidates to register arrives, President Michel Martelly must make the decision on whether to issue that Decree to allow friends such as Former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Jean Max Bellerive to run for president.

Currently, the only way for the former Prime Ministers as well as a long list of former Senators, Deputies and other who have managed public funds to be qualified to run in the next election is to receive a Discharge. The Parliament that is required to issue such Discharge does not exist. The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes does not issue discharges; however they recently issue a report that would make a potential decision by the President to issue that Decree ten time harder. The report found several actions conducted during the administration of both Bellerive and Lamothe as "Irregular".

Threats have already been made public in case the president is thinking about issuing this Decree. Some of the Haitian politicians even suggested the possibility of taking him to court for crime against the nation.


Eske Michel Martelly ta dwe siyen yon Dekrè pou zanmi l Lamothe?

Prezidan Michel Martelly yon lòt fwa ankò jwin li ant yon wòch ak yon kote ki difisil ak pwoblèm nan eleksyon an. Tout je ape gade paske li tan pou kandida yo antre nan kouri pou plizyè posts eli.

Anvan dat limit la pou kandida yo rive enskri, Prezidan Michel Martelly dwe fè desizyon si wi ou non li ape bay Dekrè ki pèmèt zanmi tankou Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe ak Jean Max Bellerive rantrennan kouri pou prezidan.

Menas te deja fè nan ka prezidan Martelly ap panse a founi dokiman Dekrè sa a. Gen kèk nan politisyen ayisyen ki menm sijere posibilite pou ale nan tribinal ak Prezidan martelly pou krim kont nasyon an.

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Dessalines Jose says...

What makes a government a good one is the ability to anticipate problems and to take the appropriate decisions to prevent these problem or at least to limit their effect.

In analyzing the performance of the Martelly government during the past four years, many of us can conclude that he does not have that skill which is the ability to anticipate major problem.

I will not start the list because this is something anyone can do.

The Martelly government can be considered as a government of emergency and one constantly in crisis.

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Phil Jerome says...

We know that the level of audacity with this current government is out of this world.

They have done many stupid things in the past that actually caused them to be in the position they are at this time. So many mistakes such as the arrest of Arnel Belizaire, the pressure used on the judge that eventually caused his death, their attempt to for a new Tonton macoute form of Milice called "Le Police", the ongoing insult to the Haitian media, the recent interview with French Medis, this is just to name a few.

However, I don't think that Martelly is so stupid to the point of issuing a Decree so that friends can participate in the next election.

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