Michel Pierre Brunache, new spokesperson of the Prime

Brunache's Dual Role as SAPA Spokesperson and Minister of Justice and Public Safety


Michel Pierre Brunache has been serving in the top echelons of the government of Haiti (GOH) since 2004. He received his law degree at the University of Haiti, and then earned a post-graduate degree in Human Rights from the University of Fribourg. Returning to Haiti, he worked as an attorney at the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, and also at a private law firm.

He began life in public service when President Boniface Alexandre appointed him Chief of Staff at the start of Alexandre's administration. When Gary Conille became Haiti's 15th Prime Minister, he appointed Brunache Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and later Minister of Justice.

Since then he has served as Political Advisor and Secretary General to current Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, in July 2012. Brunache then became Special Advisor for Political Affairs (SAPA), also under Lamothe. Lamothe values and trusts Brunache to the degree he recently announced Brunache would also serve as SAPA's new spokesperson.

It is not only Lamothe's confidence Brunache has encouraged, but President Martelly's as well. It seems Brunache's former boss, Conille, has bent Martelly's ear with praise for Brunache's talents, skills, and experience; and it doesn't hurt Lamothe considers Brunache his right-hand man. So it's no surprise Martelly and Conille have signed a Presidential Order, ushering in Brunache as Minister of Justice and Public Safety. Publication of his appointment will appear in Le Moniteur, the official voice of GOH.

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