Evens Paul revealed Martelly's Protocol favored Mixed Children over Black children in Milot Event

The "Haitian Joudalist" just heard something that is very upsetting. Even worst, it was revealed on May 18, the day we celebrate our flag, a symbol of unity and Black pride.


The Race issue is back in the Haitian society. That is if the information revealed by the Haitian politician and former president of the Democratic United Committee (Komite inite Demokratik, KID) is true. Mr. Evens Paul reported on the popular Radio show "Ranmase" that in an event taking place recently in the city of Milot in the North of the country, the Chief of Protocal responsible to organize the event wanted more children of mixed color in front because too many of them were dark; he ordered the black children to go on the back, moving the light skinned children to the front.


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Obviously, he wanted to show more of a mixture and a crowd predominantly black children would not look good on picture.

The chief of the protocol wanted to put some milk in the coffee.

Mr. Paul made these revelation on Saturday, May 18, 1013, the same day that symbolizes the creation of our national flag.

Acoording to Mr. Evens Paul, an incident that took place recently in Milot proved that there is still an issue related to Race within the Martelly Staff or at least the people in charge of protocol.

Evans Paul, aka K-plim, is a Haitian politician and former presidential who was elected mayor of Port-au-Prince in the 1990. He run for President of Haiti in the 2006 elections under the Democratic Alliance Party.

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If a person is going to make such a statement, it needs to be backed up with pictures to be

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Subject: Evens Paul revealed Martelly's Protocol favored Mixed Children over Black children in Milot Event edit

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